Hollyoaks has released its latest trailer, showcasing some of the biggest storylines coming up this Summer.

The latest Hollyoaks trailer teases the return of Luke Morgan and Mandy Richardson, more information unfolds as to who killed Amy, Sienna discovers she has cervical cancer and of course Ibizaoaks! The trailer shows brand new footage from scenes filmed in Ibiza with the teens, Neeta, Sally, Ellie and Holly. As well as new hunk, Brody, who first appears on our screens when he emerges from the sea. Hunters crush on Neeta takes a big leap and when they return to Hollyoaks, Neeta has a decision to make but could her secret relationship with Hunter be discovered by Mac?

Darren gets a shock when he bumps into a blast from the past in the form of Luke Morgan. Although all seems jolly when they reunite, the trailer teases that Luke is living a secret life and his time away from Hollyoaks has changed him but it seems his love for Mandy still remain while Ste still remains in prison after being charged with the murder of Amy Barnes but the question as to who really did kill Amy still continues. Lucas sends shockwaves through the village when he tells his Aunty Tegan that somebody else was in the flat the night Amy died after Ste had left. Armstrong questions James’ whereabouts on the night and is beginning to think he could also be involved. As the plot thickens, Harry and Tony receive letters detailing the date for Ste’s trial as the 4th September – could we soon discover the truth or will the mystery continue?

Sienna is pregnant with Warren Fox’s twins but he is currently deep in a lustful affair with Grace Black. It hasn’t been easy for the couple but Warren is playing with fire as we’ve seen in previous weeks that Grace is keen to get what she wants out of this affair but could she be pushed to reveal their secret to Sienna? Later in the trailer, things take a serious turn when Sienna discovers she has cervical cancer and must decide the safer option – her life or her babies.

Also featured in the promo is Armstrong continuing his obsession with Cindy while Farrah and Kim take their relationship to the next level. Tracey is out of prison but is sure to cause fireworks when reunited with her family and Darcy. Elsewhere Lily is struggling to come to terms with her scars and Brody arrives in Hollyoaks and is reunited with his best mate, Damon.

Hollyoaks airs weeknights at 6.30pm on Channel 4 with the next episode previewed at 7pm on E4. The trailer can be seen in full below.

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