Hollyoaks baddie Warren Fox kidnapped his daughter before fleeing the village in tonight’s episode.

Sienna Blake (Anna Passey) gave birth to her and Warren’s (Jamie Lomas) twins in hospital earlier this week; Warren had been keeping her hostage at a remote cottage as part of a plan to run away with their babies once they were born.

Despite apologising for his actions, Sienna vowed not to let him be a part of their children’s lives and threatened to tell the police that he killed Bart should he test her resolve.

But as Warren was leaving the village, he came by some shocking information via Myra (Nicole Barber-Lane): that it was his son Joel (Rory Douglas-Speed) who gave his sister Katy the drugs that killed her.

In tonight’s (7th November) first-look episode, Warren had Joel – who he’d beaten – tied up at the garage and was intent on exacting revenge for Katy’s demise, but he was interrupted by Tony Hutchinson (Nick Pickard) who managed to talk him down. However, Warren pulled another stunt after returning to the hospital to say goodbye to his babies – he snatched his daughter, Sophie, before going on the run.

Lomas, who has played the role of Warren on and off since 2006, announced that he was leaving the Channel 4 soap during an appearance on ITV’s This Morning earlier this month.

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