UKTV channel Dave is asking contestants to demonstrate quiz answers with items rather than words in their latest game show.

“Don’t Say It, Bring It! is the most fun, outrageous game show ever recorded on the unforgiving streets of Britain.” – Dave

Excitement, intrigue, tension, adventure and the chance to win big cash prizes, up to £1000 are on offer in this latest series from UKTV. Presenter, quiz host and agent-provocateur Jason Byrne drums up contestants in each new town the series visits. Played in real time on the street; contestants are given three minutes to provide a non-verbal answer to a simple quiz question. The answers are all objects, people and actions which can be sourced from the immediate environment but only if the contestant has the wit, charm and tenacity to acquire it.

Those who bring the answer to Jason, in physical form, win, no words can gain praise or prizes in this show. 

In tonight’s episodes, Jason Byrne takes his game show to Belfast, where friends Aoife and Maeve are ready to wipe the floor with the game to win cash. Will a brave trio from Edinburgh coerce locals to hand over some precious items, including hand cream and a sock? And in Whitby, Tracy and Peter twerk hard for the money and face a tricky decision when to call it a day.

Next up, Jason continues his shenanigans in Belfast, where a local chef and amateur dancer is tasked to find a waitress, a watch and an elusive baby garment; running against the clock and facing a tough decision about when to call it a day… In Bristol, a smart, gentleman’s accessory leads to a race against time and some creative problem-solving.

Then a multi-talented Geordie newbie hunts for a tear-jerking vegetable in Newcastle. And in Glasgow; an operatic prodigy calls upon the city’s helpful, well-dressed locals to achieve his cash-ambition.

Don’t Say It, Bring It! starts tonight at 7pm on Dave. Sky 111/246, Virgin 128/194, Freeview 12, BT & TalkTalk 12.

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