The young couple got married in the soap’s latest first-look screening but Prince knows Diane tried to derail their big day – the question is will he tell Lily?

As the E4 edition got underway Prince (Malique Thompson-Dwyer) was locked in the back of his dad’s van (following Shane kidnapping him to stop the wedding) whilst bride-to-be Lily (Lauren McQueen) was oblivious to his plight.

Soon, Lily’s auntie Diane (Alex Fletcher) discovered what was going on but was persuaded by Shane (Michael Salami) to turn a blind eye. Meanwhile, inside the van, Prince realised his father is his captor after hearing his phone ring.

Prince eventually managed to negotiate his way out of the van but its flat battery left him with no choice but to head to the wedding on foot.

Prince arrived at the church just after Lily had called the wedding off due to his no-show. However, after persuading her that he hadn’t wilfully stood her up, the pair finally tied the knot – but will Prince let on to Lily that Diane was involved in holding up their big day? 

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