Friday viewing highlights in Telly Today for March 9th with ATV Today Editor Doug Lambert.

One to Watch: Jane and Friends, Channel 5, 9pm

Jane McDonald hosts an all-singing, all-dancing entertainment extravaganza, featuring a host of famous musical guests.

As well as music, each high-octane show has surprises and laughter galore. So get ready to push back the furniture and dance around your handbag! This new series will be a studio-based spectacular in which Jane will sing some of her favourite songs, old and new, with a live band and in front of an audience of some of her devoted fans.

Singing stars of the stage, screen and music world join Jane for songs and performances. And just like in Jane’s hugely popular touring shows, the audience forms an integral part of proceedings by joining in the fun and frolics and Jane’s secret surprises.

Joined by some of the biggest stars in music, in the studio and on video, the series will put Jane front and centre, showcasing her timeless voice and her skill at interacting with a crowd. Using Jane’s very own live band and dancers, the series will replicate all the highlights of her spellbinding theatrical tours.

In this debut episode, Jane is joined by her special guests, singing superstars Alexander O’Neal and Shane Filan (formerly of boyband Westlife) for a night to remember!

Nashville – New Strings, Sky Living, 10pm

The curtains are about to open for the last time as the Music City drama reaches its final sixth series.

As we prepare to bid farewell to the singers and country starlets of Nashville, Deacon is at the helm of music studio Highway 65, navigating an uncertain music industry and
striving to keep the departed Rayna’s dream alive, while also struggling with his own loneliness.

Juliette is struggling with her own career as she deals with the lingering effects of her plane crash. After suffering a public meltdown, she looks to change her life with help from an unlikely source. Meanwhile, Scarlett and Gunnar deal with their pregnancy and the questions that surround their relationship.

Putin – The New Tsar, BBC Two, 9pm

How did a poor boy from a tiny flat in St Petersburg become one of the world’s most powerful leaders? Admired by Trump, and feared by his rivals, on the eve of his almost certain re-election as president of Russia, The New Tsar reveals the story of Vladimir Putin’s extraordinary rise to power – from a lowly KGB colonel to Boris Yeltsin’s right-hand man and ultimately his successor.

There are revelations from Putin’s inner circle at the Kremlin, including former confidante Sergei Pugachev, who helped Putin to power, before falling from favour. Chess-master Gary Kasparov recounts his failed attempt to stand against him and Oligarch Mikhail Khordokovsky, who was jailed and stripped of his wealth, speaks of the consequences of experiencing the wrath of Putin.

The programme also hears from former Home Secretary Jack Straw, who recalls Putin’s first encounter with Tony Blair, the leader who Putin apparently attempted to model himself on, and Straw wryly observes that the two are “very similar”. Former Foreign Secretary William Hague entertained Putin during the London 2012 Olympic Games and bonded over a shared love of Judo – but later found he was unable to influence the decision to invade Crimea.

Rough Justice, More4, 9pm

Walter Presents: Rough Justice. Walter Presents showcases the best foreign language drama series from around the world. Tonight the output continues with this moody Belgian detective drama in which straight-talking Superintendent Liese Meerhout leads the homicide division of Antwerp’s police force.

She and her team go to great lengths to ensure justice is served, even if it means they sometimes push boundaries and bend rules. The body of a news-hungry journalist is found near Antwerp’s harbour, with all the clues pointing towards a criminal network of smugglers. The victim has a shady past and touched a lot of nerves while pursuing his stories.

But then a second body is discovered, and the superintendent and her team find themselves in a race against time before the killer strikes again. Meanwhile, Liese receives an email from a mysterious sender, and a historical case begins to resurface. In Flemish with English subtitles.

Elementary – On the Line, Pick TV, 9pm

Ballers star Troy Garity makes a guest appearance in this week’s edition – series two, episode nine – when he goes head-to-head with Sherlock as likely serial killer Lucas Bundsch.

The game is afoot when, having passed a lie detector test, Sherlock has Bundsch pegged for a string of murders. The problem is, Sherlock is poking around in an NYPD cold case, and he’s not being very gracious about their failed investigation. With Watson cringing in the corner, Sherlock ploughs on… until Bundsch gets a restraining order placed on both Watson and Holmes, leaving him free to execute his next evil deed.

Collateral, from today on Netflix

In Collateral, a young man is shot dead delivering a pizza in South London. The detective in charge, DI Kip Glaspie (Carey Mulligan), quickly discovers that the pizza manager inexplicably sent Syrian refugee Abdullah Asif (Sam Otto) instead of the regular delivery driver.

The killing seems professional but the only witness, a young woman strung out on drugs on the street corner, gives the police a false name and address. Kip tracks down Abdullah’s home, a set of garages, to find his sisters. They are scared and Kip’s convinced they’re hiding something. Set over the course of four days, the spiraling repercussions surrounding Abdullah’s murder are explored.

Politician David Mars (John Simm) becomes instantly embroiled in the drama through his turbulent relationship with his ex-wife Karen who took delivery of the pizza. While Jane Oliver (Nicola Walker), a compassionate vicar, struggles to conceal her affair with the sole witness to the crime.

Jane McDonald is back to entertain Channel 5 audiences tonight.

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