After Life,  a comedy series starring Ricky Gervais is to stream on Netflix.

The comedy features Tony (Ricky Gervais) who had a perfect life. But after his wife Lisa suddenly dies, Tony changes.

After contemplating taking his own life, he decides instead to live long enough to punish the world by saying and doing whatever he likes from now on. He thinks it’s like a Super Power — not caring about himself or anyone else — but it turns out to be tricky when everyone is trying to save the nice guy they used to know.

The series has been devised by Gervais as well as directed by the comedian.

Gervais is best known for his role on BBC Two sitcom The Office as annoying boss David Brent. Netflix has previously offered its members his stand-up special Humanity, with upcoming SuperNature soon to go live. The content company has also secured streaming video on demands rights to his Channel 4 comedy-drama Derek as well as rights to The Office spin-off movie David Brent: Life on the Road. 

“A lot of people are trying to guess the plot, themes and even the dialogue of my new Netflix show. Some of them are offended by what they’ve guessed. One person tweeted me ‘Ugh, playing a typical straight white dude I see’ Haha.” – Gervais on Twitter

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