After attacking Kyle, James heads to see his father in a critical care unit to blame him for the man he is today whilst Marnie tells Buster that James is a father…

In tonight’s E4 episode, James is feeling awful after he thinks he beat up Kyle when drunk and heads to see Mac in hospital. He blames his father for the man he has become but Kyle hears what Mac put James through and forgives him. Later, James tells Kyle he has to move out because James cannot trust himself…

In last night’s E4 episode, Kyle set up that James had beaten him up when drunk and with Sami’s help, made Ellie walk in and discover what had happened. Tonight, James is confused and broken about what he has done. Ellie turns up at the flat and encourages Kyle to go to hospital but how will he worm his way out of everyone knowing they are fake bruises?

Marnie overhears Ellie and Sami’s conversation and is distraught to discover what her son has done after so many years of abuse from his own father.

When Kyle and James arrive at the hospital, Kyle encourages James to get him a coffee whilst he tries to escape but Misbah stops him. She tells Kyle to talk to someone about the abuse and offers him a leaflet but when Kyle refuses, she keeps it for herself. She tells Kyle what an awful person James is unaware James is listening.

Kyle manages to get out of the hospital and meets Sami back the flat to tell him the good news that the plan is working. However, Kyle panics they could have gone too far when he discovers a “clinical care unit” page on James’s laptop.

Elsewhere, James visits Mac and lets out all his upset and anger. He breaks down about his upbringing and how Mac has made him the man he is today and caused him to beat Kyle up just like Mac beat James up. He reveals he could have eventually grown enough feelings to love Kyle but it’s too late now but James is unaware Kyle is behind the door and can hear it all.

James emotionally recalls the night of his 16th birthday when Mac forced him to sleep with a prostitute in a bid to help him turn straight again.

Kyle steps out from behind the door and James panics about what he has heard. Kyle tells James how sorry he is but James tells him that abuse runs in the family. James is shocked when Kyle tells him that he forgives him for what he has done as he knows how sorry he is and he is nothing like his father. James is grateful for Kyle’s forgiveness and James kisses Kyle leaving Mac reeling in his bed.

Meanwhile, at The Dog flat, Marnie tells Buster she has a secret and Buster encourages her to tell him. She recalls the night Mac made James sleep with a prostitute but there’s more to the story when she explains how the prostitute got pregnant! Marnie decided to pay her off and James has never known the truth – she’s ashamed she took away any chance of fatherhood from him!

Later, James tells Kyle to leave because he is unable to trust that he won’t hurt him again and Sami is furious but Kyle promises he will win him back but how can he be sure?

The episode airs at 6.30pm tomorrow on Channel 4.
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