Craig Revel Horwood is its new Head of Taste for a popular tea brand.

“I thought all Decaf teas tasted D – U – DOUBLE L, DULL and I knew I had to intervene. The PG tips Tasty Decaf is a revelation. It tastes AH-MA-ZING, and you know I don’t say that often! My darlings you all need to try it” – Craig Revel Horwood

With the British public drinking 165 million cups of tea a day and still waiting for a decent decaf, PG tips knew there was a job to be done. The UK confirmed its tired of ‘wishy-washy’ decafs, so one of the nation’s favourite tea brands – and possibly even the most popular so they say – has worked tirelessly to bring taste back to decaf. 

In order to help bring a delicious decaf to the British public, PG tips has been scouring the nation, searching high and low for the toughest and most honest critic to determine whether its new blend, The Tasty Decaf, is worthy enough to bring to the UK. 

Renowned for his opinionated manner and hard-to-please persona on Strictly Come Dancing over on tea-ad-free BBC One, Craig Revel Horwood has been appointed as PG tips Head of Taste. Knowing he would take no prisoners, the star is a tea lover who refuses to compromise on taste.

Craig gave his seal of approval to the winning Tasty Decaf – officially adding tea to his tango portfolio. ‘Brits can now wave goodbye to weak, lifeless decafs and say hello to PG tips – The Tasty Decaf that doesn’t compromise on taste.’ the company proudly boast. Watch the nerve wracking moment when the harsh critic was captured giving his approval in the video below.

Previous PG tips ads have featured Benidorm star Jonny Vegas and former ITV Digital mascot Monkey.

“Oh and if you’re into milking almonds, PG tips Perfect with Dairy-Free is FAB-U-LOUS darlings, it tastes just like a normal cuppa” – Craig Revel Horwood

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