Dan Snow, Lucy Cooke and Niall Strawson are heading to the British coast.

Lucy Cooke, Dan Snow and Niall Strawson will be live on BBC four

“It was my childhood visits to Swanage beach in Dorset that sparked my lifelong love of the British coastline.  Now I take my own children and rock-pool, surf and dive whenever I can. Charmouth beach and the whole stretch of the Jurassic Coast is a rich tapestry of stories waiting to be discovered, the perfect location for three nights of Beach Live in the height of summer.  My passion for military history will be in full play uncovering the relics and legacy of the role the coastline played in D-Day preparations, and I go underground to see the huge quarries that are a vital part of the area’s industrial past and I find out about the fascinating social history of beach huts” – Dan Snow

Summer holidays are underway with sun, sea and sand top of most people’s wish-list.  But is there more to a day at the beach than sandcastles, a quick paddle or swim and an ice cream?  In this live three-part series, historian Dan Snow and natural history experts Lucy Cooke and Niall Strawson aim to open our eyes to the amazing prehistoric landscapes, unique animals and intriguing historical insights hidden beneath the sand and sea of a single stretch of British coastline.

Dan, Lucy and Niall will present Beach Live across three nights live from the village of Charmouth, Dorset – right in the heart of the world-famous Jurassic Coast.

The Jurassic Coast is world-renowned for its fossils that have inspired palaeontologists down the centuries.  But whilst I love dinosaurs, I’m equally passionate about what’s living on the coast right now, particularly the overlooked and unloved.  I’ll be explaining how the fossils we uncover relate to modern wildlife and what they teach us about the unique and fascinating creatures that live on our shores.” – Lucy Cooke

Each episode will combine live searches and pre-filmed segments to reveal the hidden secrets of this coastline, and with the help of experts in palaeontology, history, geology and wildlife the team will build up a comprehensive picture of our beach, past and present. From smugglers to dinosaurs, crabs to quarries, fossils to sunken wrecks – all are part of the amazing anatomy of this world-famous region. Through live demonstrations and interviews, the series’ mission is to inspire and show people how to get more out of their beach holiday.

Each episode of Beach Live has a different focus.  Episode one reveals the rich variety of wildlife above and below the waves and how scientists are discovering more and more about the landscape and creatures that live there.  Episode two looks at the rich history of the beaches, the smugglers, shipwrecks and secrets of the sands.  The final episode looks at the people inspired by the wealth of fossils along the Jurassic Coast and new discoveries of dinosaurs and their ancient world.

“On Beach Live we want to show people’s fascinating beach finds.  Everything from ammonites to Roman coins.  We’ll have a panel of experts on hand at the Discovery Centre to examine and date them and explain more about what they are.  Please get in touch if you have anything you’d like us to consider including in the show. Also, let us know if you have a beach hut that you’ve made over to your dream design, or maybe relics relating to the recent history of the Jurassic Coast, photos of wildlife on the beaches or your grandparents’ holiday snaps.  I can’t wait to see what people bring and discover more about this coastline and the stories it can tell us.” – Niall Strawson

Beach Live, starts next Tuesday on BBC Four, running over three nights.

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