Wentworth 2013

Channel 5 have confirmed they will continue to broadcast Prisoner: Cell Block H’s reboot as Wentworth with the channel obtaining the rights to its second season.

As a successful first season airs, Channel 5 has picked up season two of FremantleMedia Australia’s reimagining of the classic Australian drama devised by former ATV boss Reg Watson.

The modern gritty drama takes viewers back to the Wentworth Correctional Centre where season one introduced them to the lead characters of Bea Smith (Danielle Cormack) and Franky Doyle (Nicole Da Silva).

Set in the violent, dangerous environment of a modern prison, with struggles with inmates and insights on their fractious personal lives, Wentworth is a graphic, edgy reboot.  A story of survival, rivalry, power struggles and unlikely allegiances, critics claim the threatening and adrenaline-filled drama is “a modern makeover that spares no blushes” (Metro).

Season one is still on air in the UK, but will leave viewers with a nail-biting cliff-hanger ending they will have to see resolved in the next bout of compelling storylines and character twists. Plus season two viewers will be introduced to Wentworth Prison’s menacing new officer: Joan “The Freak” Ferguson (Pamela Rabe).

The first episode of Wentworth Prison consolidated on Channel 5 at an impressive 2.4m and a 13% share amongst individuals – almost doubling the Wednesday 10pm slot average of 1.3m/7%.  The first three episodes fully consolidated at 2.1m.

The drama has proved a great success with our viewers. We’re very proud to bring the women of Wentworth Prison back to Channel 5 later next year. – Channel 5’s Head of Acquisitions Katie Keenan

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