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Sinitta has spoken out about recent press articles discussing her previous relationship with X Factor Mogul Simon Cowell.

Speaking on ITV’s This Morning Sinitta said she wanted to respond to various rumours about the So Macho singer aborting a baby allegedly at the request of Cowell in one paper, another noting he knew nothing of the child or the abortion until much later.

It was a long time ago… I don’t know who it putting these stories out there, but it really does need to stop… and I’ve probably made it worse by trying to defend myself. But now, this is out of the horses mouth.

Some papers had noted the event happened in the late 1980s however one noted it happened in 2009. Sinitta ruled out the later date for the termination, adding,

And I’m not paid an allowance by Simon…he doesn’t pay my lifestyle, people think I’m on some crazy payroll and I have to behave a certain way… all this stuff does get to you… It’s been embarrassing, it’s been exhausting… but it hasn’t really affected Simon and I at all…

It’s just upset me… I’m just wanting the negative stories to stop. I thought if people knew the truth they would stop attacking me.

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