American Horror Story

Actress Lily Rabe is set to reprise her role from American Horror Story: Asylum.

TVLine reports the actress will reprise her role of nun Mary Eunice in the fourth season of the anthological series. Rabe played the character of Mary in the second season titled Asylum; in it Mary Eunice is possessed by a demon and wreaks havoc at Briarcliff Manor.

The events of the fourth season, Freak Show, are set several years before Asylum and take place in the same universe. Rabe will reprise her role of Mary in the 10th episode of Freak Show.

The news comes after it was recently announced that actress Naomi Grossman is reprising her role of Pepper, a fan favourite from Asylum, for Freak Show. Rabe’s will reprise the role of Mary in scenes in which Pepper is transferred to Briarcliff Manor.

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