Skull for Alibi

A two-metre high installation of a human skull mysteriously appeared overnight on London’s South Bank this morning complete with forensic investigators and cordoned off by police tape. The ‘magnified’ crime scene was specially created by TV channel Alibi to celebrate their summer season of crime drama.

The unique build took a design team four weeks to create. The centrepiece skull was carved from high density polystyrene with a polyureahard coat finish. Scenic carving skills were used to finish the texture and create depth, and techniques such as sponging and stippling as well as colour washes were used to create shadowing effects. One tonne of earth dressed the scene, making it appear as though the huge skull had just been discovered from the earth.

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“Our dramatic installation pays homage to the moment that features in many thrilling crime dramas; the unexpected discovery of human remains that triggers an investigation into how and why it came to be there. And because the channel celebrates the biggest crime dramas on TV, we decided to super-size this crime scene and really get people talking.” – Adrian Wills, General Manager of Alibi

Alibi Channel UKTV Skull

The two-metre high skull was unveiled to mark the summer season of crime drama on TV channel Alibi

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