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With the football season back in full swing, London Live is to broadcasting a number of football themed films to celebrate the return of the Capitals, and indeed, the UK’s favourite sport.

London Live’s ‘London Film House Presents: Football Season’ runs every night from 2nd-5th September. The first movie to air is The Other Half on Wednesday 2nd of September at 10.30pm.

Newlywed Mark (Danny Dyer) can hardly wait to support England in the European Soccer Championship series. With his tickets, jersey and beer in hand, the only thing standing between him and all-night soccer-drunk hooligan parties, is his honeymoon. Afraid that his new American wife Holly (Gillian Kearney – The Lives of the Saints, Shameless) will never allow him to attend the games, Mark thrills her when he announces that their honeymoon destination is romantic Portugal… which,  coincidentally, happens to be the country hosting the tournament.

When Holly becomes suspicious of the throngs of England fans present everywhere they go, Mark plays innocent – while somehow weaseling his way into the stadiums in time for kickoff. After all, what kind of man would lie to his wife just to see a soccer game?

The next night at 10pm viewers of London Live can tune in for the incredible true story of how an orphaned Jamaican baby, adopted by an elderly white couple and raised in an all white area of London, became one of the most feared and respected men in Britain in the movie CASS.

Cass grew up in a time before political correctness and was forced to endure racist bullying on a daily basis, until one day the years of pent up anger surfaced in a violent outburst. Through climbing the ranks in West Ham United’s renowned ‘Inter City Firm’, Cass found the respect he never had and became addicted to the buzz of fighting. His way of life finally caught up with him when an attempted assassination on his life, saw him shot three times at point blank range. His inner strength somehow managed to keep him alive but he was left with a dilemma; whether to seek vengeance as the street had taught him, or renounce his violent past. This is the extraordinary story of his life. The film stars Paul Kaye and Nonso Anozie.

Friday night (4th September) sees St George’s Day at 10.30pm. This film is a British crime thriller that follows the story of infamous gangster cousins Micky Mannock and Ray Collishaw. Having long since graduated from the terraces, they now run the top firm in London. But when they lose a drug shipment belonging to the Russian Mafia, a turf war threatens to tear their empire apart. Their only hope is a potential heist in Berlin that’ll clear their debts and set them up for life. Pursued by the Russians and the police they travel undercover with a huge English super firm who are heading across to watch the 3 Lions play Germany on St George’s Day. While the police are diverted by the England and German firms going head to head in the mother of all battles, Micky and Ray have one shot at the heist that could save both themselves and everything they’ve ever fought for. But they hadn’t counted on a grass at the heart of their firm whose sole intent is to bring them crashing down.  The film stars Sean Pertwee, Jamie Foreman, Charles Dance, Dexter Fetcher and Luke Treadaway.

And finally on Saturday 5th of September the season comes to a close at 10pm with Payback Season. Leo Gregory and Adam Deacon are back on explosive form in this brutal film, which has been compared to Football Factory and Lock Stock. Welcome to the world of football stars, hooligans and gang violence. It’s a bloody, vicious world where money and stardom clash dangerously with the darker side of the beautiful game.

When ex-hooligan Jerome (Deacon) finds fame as a premiership footballer, he thinks he can finally escape his violent past. But it seems all the money, fast cars and fast women in the world can’t keep that past from resurfacing and dragging him back into the criminal underworld he tried so hard to escape. The film stars Adam Deacon, Anna Popplewell, Nicola Posener, Leo Gregory, Nina Young.

Football Film Season Schedule in Brief:

  • The Other Half, Wednesday 2nd September, 10.30pm
  • CASS, Thursday 3rd September 10pm
  • St Georges Day, Friday 4th September 10.30pm
  • Payback Season, Saturday 5th September 10pm

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