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Robert Peston has been confirmed as ITV’s new Political Editor.

After months of speculation ITV has confirmed Peston will be transitioning to them from a role at the beeb. He will also be fronting a new Sunday political programme ‘Peston on Sunday’.

Peston is replacing current Political Editor Tom Bradby who is leaving the role to take up presenting duties on ITV News at Ten. The nightly news programme will relaunch later this month with Bradby as the sole anchor as the once iconic brand tries to regain viewers lost over the years. Peston will appear regularly on News at Ten and across all ITV News’ output.

“I am very excited by ITV’s plans to create a distinctive and authoritative new voice in news and political coverage. Leaving the wonderful BBC has been the hardest career decision of my life, but it’s impossible to turn down an opportunity like this.” – Robert Peston

Over the past decade, Robert Peston made a name for himself at the BBC as its Business Editor and then later as Economics Editor. He was the first to report the troubles of Northern Rock, which led to the financial crisis of 2008.

Speaking on his own BBC blog this afternoon, Peston paid tribute to BBC News saying: “I want to thank all my brilliant colleagues who for the past 10 years have routinely, through their thorough professionalism, transformed my pig’s ears into almost-silken purses.”

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