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In the latest Soap-world ‘Whodunnit?’, Emmerdale fans are set to find out who shot Robert Sugden in a special flashback episode with one bookmakers slashing the odds on some of the characters who may have pulled the trigger.

Betfair has updated the odds for, the vicar with a temper, Ashley Thomas to have pulled the trigger. Ashley has gone from 100/1 all the way in to 5/1.

“As we creep closer to the big reveal, the price for Emmerdale’s vicar, Ashley Thomas has inexplicably crashed from 100/1 to 5/1 second favourite in recent days. Prime suspect and village bad boy, Ross Barton remains the 1/2 favourite mystery character to have pulled the trigger on Robert Sugden but Paddy Kirk has also been well-backed from 14/1 to 5/1 joint second in the market.


“Aaron Livesy had spent some time at 3/1 and second favourite but despite finding himself behind bars last week he is now 8/1 behind Rakesh Kotecha who has been backed in from a staggering 50/1 to 7/1. Lachlan White is a character that’s no stranger to controversy and at 10/1 has seen some support, even his co-star Gemma Atkinson reportedly suspects that he could be guilty but that it may be ‘too obvious’ as a storyline.” – Colm Rock, Novelties Trader at Betfair

Who Shot Robert - Emmerdale

Last month Emmerdale’s production company, ITV Yorkshire, announced the show would air a flashback episode to reveal the gun touting culprit.

At the end of this month to mark the rural soap’s 43rd birthday, the series will break from its usual way of storytelling, with the special ‘rewind edition’ giving viewers a chance to finally see what really happened on that fateful night. Three secrets will be revealed that will rock the village forever, ITV noted.

“This won’t be the first time Emmerdale has broken its ‘house style’ of storytelling; but it will be the first time we’ve told a story in a non-­‐linear way. What makes this ‘rewind’ episode special is that we won’t just learn who shot Robert, but two other big secrets that will propel the show into an exciting emotional and dramatic winter..” – Series Producer Kate Oates

Robert (Ryan Hawley) has since his return to the Yorkshire dales last year managed to make more enemies than friends, even those who were close to him including fiancé, Chrissie White (Louise Marwood) and secret lover Aaron Livesy (Danny Miller) have had urges to stick a bullet in his body. Emmerdale boss Oates should know all about flashbacks. While script editor at hotel soap Crossroads the show spent a week in 2003, rewound back to 1973, with a series of flashback specials.

Emmerdale, weekdays at 7pm with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays on ITV, UTV and STV.

ITV Yorkshire Studios - Kirkstall Road Leeds - home of Emmerdale

Pictured Top: the cast involved in the ‘Who Shot Robert Sugden?’ storyline from Emmerdale. Pictured Middle: Ryan Hawley as Robert Sugden and Pictured Bottom: The ITV Yorkshire studios, where the top secret tapes revealing who shot the character are awaiting to be aired.

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