Hollyoaks Freddie is alive in the boot of the car

Hollyoaks bosses offered another surprise in their 20th anniversary week during tonight’s E4 episode when it was revealed a recently deceased character was actually… well alive all along.

Viewers saw The Gloved Hand Killer, which we all now know is Lindsey, ‘murder’ husband, Freddie in last night’s E4 airing – seen earlier tonight on Channel 4. However following that episode all isn’t quite as it seemed – as tonight’s E4 7pm Hollyoaks revealed that Freddie is alive!

Trevor and Grace were pulled over by the police on their way to a new life in Paris – for real this time. The police tracked them down and when they opened the boot, Freddie’s ‘dead’ body was revealed. Kim and Lindsey have framed them. However, in the penultimate scene when Trevor and Grace have been taken away, DS Thorpe notices Freddie’s hand move…

A spokesperson for Hollyoaks’ production company Lime Pictures has confirmed Freddie is alive but would not reveal what, if anything, he will remember about the attempt on his life.

“The police believe they have a vital piece of evidence in their witness Freddie but what he remembers about Lindsey’s attack only time will tell.” – Lime Pictures source.

Hollyoaks airs on Channel 4 at 6.30pm with the following episode airing at 7pm on E4.

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