Eight individuals will attempt to force each other out of the house they are sharing by orchestrating pranks in a new competition series for ITV2.

Contestants will vie to be the last housemate standing in Prank Pad where there are no eliminations. Instead the aim of the game is for participants to – via pranks ranging from strategically placed cling film to hair removal – wind their housemates up so much that they want to leave the accommodation.

“With so many young people finding it hard to leave home it should be a fun ride seeing how mischievous the contestants can be in their efforts to win some rent free accommodation.” – ITV’s Director of Digital Channels and Acquisitions, Angela Jain

Each week contestants will vote for the week’s ‘Prank Punk’ with the bearer of the title being forced to pay a penalty for their poor efforts. The final episode will see housemates team up to weed the last people out as the clock counts down. Whoever remains at the end will be able to continue living in the luxury property for six months free of charge.

The eight part series will be produced by Whizz Kid Entertainment.

“Prank Pad is a crazy mash-up of reality TV meets prank. There are so many great online pranksters out there right now we thought – why not see what happens when they live together?” – MD of Whizz Kid Entertainment, Lisa Chapman

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