dvd1The legions of British fans of classic Australian television shows haven’t had much to cheer about over recent years due to a complete lack of repeat runs by broadcasters over here.

Fans in Australia have been more fortunate due to Crawford Productions opening up their rich archives and gradually releasing a wealth of material onto DVD. Unfortunately the majority of these releases haven’t been available for purchase in the UK, until now!

Yes, the great news is that Eaton Films, the UK distribution arm of Crawfords, are now making these much loved titles available to buy exclusively via their website. So far the following titles have been made available in the UK…

The first seventeen volumes of the much loved serial The Sullivans which was a ratings smash for ITV. The programme follows the lives of a typical family in Melbourne before, during and after the Second World War. Also available is the spin-off telemovie The John Sullivan Story in which John (Andrew McFarlane) finds himself shipwrecked and embroiled in guerrilla warfare before being captured by the Gestapo. Further volumes of the serial will be added as they are released in Australia.

The complete series of the sitcom Acropolis Now. When Jim’dvd3s father returns to his homeland in Greece, Jim begins yuppifying the family café with hilarious results.

The complete series of Carson’s Law, an award winning saga set in the 1920’s where we find Jennifer Carson (Lorraine Bayly) who is a woman well ahead of her time working as a lawyer whilst also struggling with the responsibilities of being a wife and mother.

The complete series and original mini-series of The Flying Doctors, which follows the adventures of the medics of the Royal Flying Doctor Service in the desolate and rugged outback.

dvd2The first twelve volumes of the legendary and ground-breaking police series Homicide. The programme, which was the first Crawford Production to screen on British television, follows the day to day lives of a group of Homicide Squad detectives as they deal with an assortment of wrongdoers. Further volumes will be made available as they are released in Australia.

You can buy the heart stopping movie Fortress, set in the splendour of the Australian bush we find a schoolteacher and her young charges being taken hostage by four desperate and violent men. This brutal battle for survival will keep you glued to the screen.

Also available are both installments of the renowned mini-series All The Rivers Run which follows an English girl who finds herself shipwrecked and orphaned off the coast of Victoria in 1890. She ends up investing in a paddle steamer and romance, adventure and catastrophe soon follow.

Hopefully more of the wonderful titles which have been released by Crawford DVD in Australia will soon be made available to UK customers via the Eaton Films website, and ATV Today will keep you updated on any future developments. In the meantime you can now enjoy all of these wonderful productions once again by heading to- http://shop.eatonfilms.co.uk/

All images copyright Crawford Productions, WIN Corporation and Eaton Films.

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