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Sharon Mitchell featured in a dramatic EastEnders cliff-hanger this evening (30 October) as it was revealed that Kathy’s villainous husband Gavin Sullivan is her biological father.

An Halloween-themed hour long special of the BBC One soap centred around Kathy (Gillian Taylforth) feeling anxious as she sensed that her estranged husband was about to make an appearance.

The tense instalment culminated with Gavin (Paul Nicholas) taking Kathy and her son Ben (Harry Reid) hostage in the Mitchell’s kitchen where he threatened to set fire to a box of fireworks. Sharon (Letitia Dean) soon joined them after returning home from work on an errand.

Sharon refused to be intimidated by Gavin and angrily told him to ‘get over’ Kathy’s decision to leave him. Kathy went on to explain that she returned to Walford because she missed her kids prompting Gavin to reveal that he had also once walked away from Walford and a child. Gavin emphasised that he hadn’t gone back on his decision, causing Sharon to point out that this was probably a good thing for the child in question.

EastEnders - Gavin

Slowly approaching Sharon, Gavin replied: “I didn’t want her anyway. I never really had the paternal instinct though I have to say I admire your guts.” As the penny dropped Gavin uttered the famous words used by Sharon’s adoptive father Den Watts to greet his daughter: “Hello Princess”.

“It’s come as a huge shock for Sharon. It’s a massive bolt out of the blue! She was looking for her father for so long and then there he is in her kitchen threatening to kill them all! When Gavin said, ‘Hello Princess’, that’s when Sharon is immediately sure that he’s telling the truth. How could he have known otherwise? But also, the link to her past that she felt so affectionately about has now become creepy, all of a sudden. In two words her whole life changed.


“Sharon will feel completely torn about it. She missed that chance with her real mum. By the time she got there, her real mum had died. Can she take that risk a second time? Her real dad was no saint, and she is married to Phil Mitchell, so it’s not like she doesn’t have experience with bad men!” – Letitia Dean speaking to RadioTimes.com

Long-term fans of the show will know that Sharon’s biological father was named Gavin in 1990 in a storyline that saw Sharon track down her biological mother Carol Stretton. Kathy’s third husband who she married in South Africa was later given the same name enabling the show to plot the revelation without affecting continuity.

EastEnders - Gavin and Sharon

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8.00pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One, with repeat screenings on BBC Three at 10.00pm. Viewers can also catch up online via BBC iPlayer.

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