Stage / SeatsEamon Friel’s latest album is In My Time is released later this month.

Friel is the son of a Mayo mother and Derry father. He writes about his life, experiences and his observations of the ever changing world that he sees around him. His writing is mystical painting pictures with his word play which could be compared with that of the landscape artist; each word carefully chosen and lovingly placed upon the page.

Mountains and hills become people in a place where animals talk and the soul and being are more important than time itself. The landscape of Ireland its churches, rivers and towns entwined with the effect it has had on a troubled people; it’s all there in the songs. Born in London’s Stockwell with childhood summers spent in Ireland, the family left Stockwell and returned to his father’s troubled hometown of Derry, Londonderry, Stroke City call it what you will.

It was the youthful experience of cultural change and upheaval that left a lasting impression on the mind of a young man that would later emerge in songs penned in W.B Yeats like mystical imagery from a place in time and a time in place.

If proof of his ability as a songwriter were ever needed we need look no further than recent song covers by Sean Donnelly, The Fureys, Johnny Coppin, Pete & Jan, Bill Jones, Sean Tyrell and the Japanese band Brahman.

Friel is one of the few artists around that can say he was actually paid by radio to write topical, comic and satirical songs to order. He was at one time commissioned to write songs for BBC Radio Ulster’s “Talkback” the lunch time inter-active news programme. A task he often had to carry out at the drop of a hat to meet the changing political and social demands of the day.

Speaking about the new album he said,

“Eleven new songs from pen and piano. Here they are on one album. I dreamed of a better world. I walked a street of childhood. I gave a new ending to an old story. I went to Oz with Dorothy and Toto. How have things been in my time I wondered. I remembered a long ago summer. I wandered through my winter city. I despaired of modern technology. Wind and rain came to visit me. The musicians showed me the meaning of music. I wondered when shall the meek inherit the earth. Eleven stories. They took time. They brought me great joy in their writing too.” Eamon Friel

On November 16th In My Time is released. His first album Logrhythms was released in 1985, his last release was 2012’s The Streets Forget.

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