For the past 48 hours, the British public have been voting to save: Jedward, Bianca, Jessica, Kim & Speidi.

‘It’s really weird [to be out]! I put it up to the universe to win it!.. I genuinely like everyone in the house. Its so intense in there!’ – Jessica

Tonight, Emma Willis announced live the two housemates with the most votes and therefore safe from eviction are Jedward and Bianca. Emma went onto reveal that the housemate with the fewest votes and therefore 7th to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house was to be Jessica Cunningham. She said her goodbyes and left the house to a mixed reaction from the live audience.

In the second part of tonight’s surprise double eviction, Emma announced live that the 8th to be evicted is troublesome Heidi and Spencer. The pair immediately ran up the stairs and left the house to mainly cheers from the live audience, which says a lot about the CBB audience surely?

‘It was just about to get so crazy! We loved most of the house. It was fun to be part of the house this time.’ – Heidi

At the end of tonight’s live show, Emma revealed that Big Brother’s weekend of Final Judgement is here. Some very special guests will be entering the house over the weekend to pass judgement on the housemates, featuring Vanessa Feltz as judge during this weekend’s task.

Housemates will nominate later tonight – to be shown tomorrow night at 10PM, Channel 5 – when the public vote to save will open again until Sunday afternoon, then the vote freezes and another housemate is shown the back door. The CBB final is next Friday 3rd Febraury at 9pm

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