Volume 18 of the perennially popular Australian police drama Homicide has just been released in the UK.

The cast of Homicide, from left are Dennis Grosvenor, Gary Day, Don Barker and Charles Tingwell. The team have to deal with an assortment of wide boys who belong behind bars.

In this action packed DVD box set a martial arts nutter who kills just for the thrill of it may have met his match in Senior Detective Michael Deegan (Dennis Grosvenor). Meanwhile Inspector Reg Lawson (Charles Tingwell), Detective Sergeant Harry White (Don Barker), and Senior Detective Phil Redford (Gary Day) are on high alert when an insane individual embarks on an indiscriminate bombing spree in Melbourne. The team appear to have no option but to consult an eccentric psychiatrist to help them profile and capture an elusive criminal who is forever beyond their reach.

Meanwhile an old digger is suspected of murder when a pacifist is done for on Anzac Day, a prostitute is killed, and a dentist is found dead.

Senior Detective Michael Deegan (Dennis Grosvenor) proves that he’s no slouch when it comes to martial arts.

An impressionable woman is brainwashed by an off-the-planet religious cult, she then proceeds to deal with her ‘evil’ husband, causing him to go berserk with a gun. Detective Sergeant White comes unstuck when he is taken hostage by the sect and is imprisoned in their temple. A crooked local council official is shot dead in a one horse town; it transpires that he is despised by every man and his dog, with the list of suspects growing to epic proportions.

Could a talking cockatoo help to lead to the apprehension of the swine that slaughtered an innocent man and his sister, and will new evidence finally help to solve a 20 year old murder case. A washed up writer is forced to face the truth about his failed literary career by an old mate, unfortunately the friend finds himself being silenced for good, before our writer heads out on a drunken rampage with the intention of causing as much mayhem as possible.

Detective Sergeant Harry White (Don Barker) falls foul of religious fanatics.

Elsewhere a hard working chemist is done for during a burglary which goes too far, wealthy ladies of a certain age start to go missing after joining an agency catering for sad individuals looking for love, and a drug addled actress knifes her husband to death. The Homicide Squad have to decide if the actress is an insane lunatic, or if she is just playing a part in order to avoid being sent down for murder.

Suspicions are aroused when a racing car champion is killed whilst test driving a newly modified vehicle, was it a genuine accident or were more sinister forces at play? In another part of town the brave law enforcers need to put a stop to an evil rapist who gets additional kicks from perpetrating robberies with extreme violence, and could the game be up for a widow who throws a party to celebrate the death of her mongrel husband?

Inspector Reg Lawson (Charles Tingwell) is unimpressed by a tall tale related to him by a wrongdoer, whilst his off-sider Harry White (Don Barker) looks on.

All of these questions and many more will be answered in this action packed box set. Keep your eyes peeled for a host of familiar faces including Vincent Ball and Lew Luton from ATV’s soap opera Crossroads; Vikki Hammond from The Sullivans; Tony Bonner from Skyways; Andrew Sharp from The Young Doctors; and Kevin Miles from Carson’s Law.

Fans of The Flying Doctors will spot Maurie Fields, Val Jellay, Bruce Barry and Terry Gill. Also making guest appearances are Maggie Dence and Moya O’Sullivan from Neighbours; along with Patsy King, Sheila Florance, Elspeth Ballantyne, Betty Bobbitt, Tommy Dysart, and Jane Clifton from Prisoner: Cell Block H.

Homicide Volume 18 and a treasure trove of other Australian television classics can be ordered in the UK exclusively from Eaton Films. If you are based in Australasia you can order your copy directly from Crawford DVD.

Senior Detective Phil Redford (Gary Day) and Harry White (Don Barker) have to deal with a menacing situation.

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