More than 130 games will be available to watch both live and on-demand on ESPN Player starting this week.

“To partner with one of the world’s biggest broadcasters is a huge step for hockey. Having the backing of ESPN will take coverage of our sport to the next level – into new territories, giving fans greater access to world-class hockey action. We look forward to working closely with ESPN to promote our sport.” – Andrew Oram, FIH TV and Broadcast Director FIH

The International Hockey Federation (FIH) and ESPN have reached an agreement for ESPN Player to feature live and exclusive streaming coverage of FIH events to 50 European countries. 

Under the agreement ESPN Player will stream more than 130 games from the Hockey World League Semi Finals, which take place in London, Brussels and Johannesburg, starting on Thursday 15 June and running until Sunday 23rd July. In addition, the men and women’s Finals (44 games) will be available from November 2017 and ESPN and FIH continue to explore more opportunities for future events. The deal ensures fans across EMEA, including in France, Italy, Spain, Norway and Portugal can access elite hockey content anytime, anywhere.

Fans can watch the World League Semi-Finals and Finals on ESPN Player’s multi-sport channel ESPN Select. Users can stream coverage on computers, smartphones and iPads via and the ESPN Player app (iOS and Android). Coverage can also be streamed to TV sets via Chromecast and Apple TV (via AirPlay).

“We are thrilled to work with FIH to bring the world’s best hockey action to sports fans in dozens of countries. The exclusive agreement for ESPN Player to cover the World Hockey League Semi Finals and the Finals is a great start to our partnership with the FIH, and we look forward to working with them closely in the future on other events.” – Charly Classen, Vice President & General Manager, ESPN EMEA


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