Do you have a minging pussy? a vile dog? or a rough budgie? ITV want to meet your ugly pets for a new series.

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home’s Annual Collars & Coats Gala Ball celebrates all kinds of pretty, and not so cute animals.

“I believe that beauty is only skin deep and I want to find out if it’s as true of pets as it is of people. As the proud owner of five dogs and six cats, mostly mutts and moggies, I reckon I’m the woman to find out”. – Caroline Quentin, presenter

Picture perfect pugs, cutesy kittens and beautiful baby rabbits – the world is awash with adorable pets. But what about the less aesthetically-pleasing ones? ITV celebrates the pets who haven’t been blessed with beauty in a brand new, one off programme: The World’s Ugliest Pets.

Produced by Spungold TV, host and animal lover Caroline Quentin shares her love for ‘fugly’ – fabulously-ugly – furry friends. The 60 minute show will feature everything from hairless guinea pigs to one-eyed dogs and will follow Caroline as she journeys to the mecca of mutt-ugly animals: The World’s Ugliest Dog Contest in Petaluma, California.

Starting her journey in the UK, Caroline will meet some of the country’s ugliest pets and explores why Brits love an underdog.

Along the way Caroline will search for Britain’s ugliest pooch to take to America and represent the UK. After Caroline has selected her favourite and ‘fugliest’ canine, she crosses the Atlantic to California, along with the dog and its owner, to fly the flag for the UK and enter the fugly hound into the contest. But can the British underdog fetch the title away from the Americans to be crowned The World’s Ugliest Dog?

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