It’s the semi-final of Ultimate Big Brother so join ATV Today’s Shaun Linden for LIVE updates as it happens. Latest update 23:41.

23:43: And that is the end of that, good night.


23:41: SECURITY ALERT!!! A man it seems tries to get on stage! A crazed fan Davina jokes. Interview ends with Vanessa saying she wants Brian to win, a round of boos, but Davina points out its for the man who tried to jump the stage.


23:40 Davina thought Ulrika would have nominated her, and then shows her a VT of “catty” remarks between them both while in the house. “We were a little bit wary of each other at first….she’s ok, she’s absolutely alright”

“If anyone wants to commission it, i’d be happy to bring it back” she says on bringing back her chat show.


23:37: “I wanted to get a bit beyond that”, in regards to first time and second time in the house. She is glad that she done longer than 3 days. Davina shows her who nominated her. “Ooh, that was a bit mean” in regards to Michelle and Nick’s nominations against her.


23:35: Vanessa leaves to a mix of cheers and boos i think, the music playing i believe is sung by her husband, although do no quote me on that, Phats and Small – Turn Around.


23:33: Well a short stint the first time round, and a short stint this time, Vanessa is the fifth person to be evicted from UBB house. “Oooh” as Davina announces her name. Thanking everyone as she heads out of the house.


23:27 On Nick…”He’s hilarious, he comes out with the most random things”. She thinks Brian will win. Commercial break.


23:25Davina points out that she is a different girl from what we knew from BB5. Footage of her time on UBB and BB5, cringes at her running around naked in the garden from BB5. “I’m a lot more confident and relaxed now” Michelle says. “It’s more about being involved” with this series than previous one.


23:23: Michelle tells Davina she was ready to go. She says she was tight with Nadia and Makosi so that could be the reason why she was sat here tonight. Davina shows her, her nominations. Michelle says she doesn’t know what disingenuous means.


23:21: A reminder of Michelle’s time in the house.


23:19: Fourth person to be evicted from the UBB house is Michelle. Housemates singing going to the chapel as she leaves the house. Looking lovely in a white dress. Leaves to cheers, well i think, hard to hear over the music.


23:18: This eviction show as you may or may not know was recorded some time earlier tonight due to the starting time. Davina reminding us it’s two days before the final


23:15: And we are back, well nearly. A very late show tonight due to Derren Brown so expect ratings to be low tomorrow, then again i could get a shock.


21:58: End of the show, nearly. Davina crosses live to Derren Brown for Bullshit at 30,000 Feet which follows next. That is that.


21:57: Some of the housemates following Brian as he tries to brush his teeth. Housemates finding it funny, it also looks funny on tele.


21:55: Preston has a really bad migraine, Ulrika is getting her clothes on, Chantelle wants the light off for him but Ulrika wan

ts it on until she has finishes. Ulrika quite bitchy with her comments. The booze and pampering goods arrive. Nikki in excitement “this is soooo cool”. Ulrika telling everyone about her and Chantelle to the others. NOT HAPPY.


21:52: Housemates obviously pass their task. Most of the housemates are in the kitchen eating. Chantelle is missing. Michelle notes she is not having a good day. Chantelle is in the diary room talking about her problems to BB. It’s hit her a few days before the final, not that i’m one to put two and two together….


21:49: Davina says they got a visitor…ME. Clips from her time in the house today which we will see on the highlights tomorrow. Now the dancing debut of FLAWED! Shouts Davina. They begin showing of their poses to the Big Brother music. Michael Jackson’s JAM, great tune IMO. Am i living in a box…an ode to BB6 task.


21:44: Don’t forget that i will be here this Friday for the FINAL EVER BIG BROTHER…on Channel 4 if we believe the reports out.


21:42: Chantelle and Brian are in the closet. She explaining about how she is feeling. Nikki has come to the diary room. She doesn’t like the outfit and feels like Jimmy Saville. End of part 3.


21:39: They will win a pamper hamper and booze if they pass. Brian, Chantelle and Ulrika in the bathroom toilet. It seems Chantelle is crying again and findng it hard to keep it together. Victor knocks at the door asking where Chantelle is.


21:37: Chantelle sheds some tears. Vanessa praises Chantelle’s achievements. The judges are making their decision on who will take the lead…it could be you Brian….it could be you Nick….Nikki, it could be you….Vanessa it could be you….we have chosen our lead dancer is….Vanessa!


21:34: Welcome back to Ultimate Big Brother, as part 3 begins. Have we ever seen Davina in bright colours for an eviction night? Highlights, most of the housemates are in the living room. Chantelle and Vanessa are in the kitchen. Chantelle is feeling homesick.


21:31: Still on a break, time to get some Pepsi, other drinks are available


21:29: Davina link into the second break of the night.


21:27: Nikki very flexible in the audition. The two judges note that she would be a handful. Ulrika giving it large, many don’t like her but i think she’s a good sport! Another good sport Vanessa.


21:24: Housemates give it their all in the auditions. Marcus describes Chantelle as a former Paris Hilton look a like…hmmm


21:22: For today’s task they are to form a dance group called Flawed. Flawless will be assisting and inspiring them. It’s audition time for the housemates as they audition for the part of lead.


21:19: We are back, Davina reminding us that Vanessa compared her last time in the house to that of Terry Waite, who was held hostage to a radiator. Clip of FLAWLESS giving the housemates a performance.


21:17: Nick’s you live by the sword, and Nikki’s WHO IS SHE also feature. Now this is a good way of celebrating Big Brother while in a commercial break! Edit : BB3 Alex behind the door!


21:14: We had Marcus say Big Brother’s Best Bits, the commercials are in a Big Brother frame. It appears that favourite BB clips will be shown in between commercials. First one from BB2


21:13: Davina explains about Michelle brushing her hair. The lines have now closed. The first break of the night.


21:11: Highlights : Marcus tells us that Victor will have cold showers for failing the Tree of Temptation task yesterday. Victor realises they are doing it on purpose. Michelle and Vanessa are in the closet discussing boobs.


21:08: Highlights: Vanessa is in the garden talking to Chantelle about her mother’s death. It has been 15 years since her passing. Housemates discuss Vanessa in a good light from the kitchen.


21:06: Either Vanessa, Michelle or Nick will be evicted tonight. Davina reads out the phone numbers. If you want to vote then you can find the numbers on the official BB website.


21:04: Headline highlights of the past week


21:03“Can you believe we are nearly 48 hours away from the final!” says an enthusiastic Davina. “More rowdy then a Tony Blair book signing, i’m suspecting that went straight over the heads of the crowd!


21:01: And we are on, roll titles!


20:59: Davina gives us a teaser, two housemates coming out

in under two minutes, well not quite Davina, the show starts in two minutes!

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