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Airey wants a million for Five

  Five’s new chief executive, Dawn Airey, has set her commissioners a tough target by telling them for all peak time output on the channel should have at least one million viewers.   Dawn Airey, Five’s new chief executive, has already been making her presence at the broadcast felt by telling her commissioners that from now on all peaktime output on the broadcaster must pull in at least one million

Roxanne McKee to depart from Hollyoaks

There’s a web of secrets, lies and revenge as Louise (Roxanne McKee) prepares to leave Hollyoaks with a bang this Christmas, in an explosive climax to what has been one of the soap’s longest running storylines. Since she arrived in Hollyoaks, Louise’s brusque attitude and determination to succeed have ruffled more than a few feathers in the village. But, beneath her tough exterior, Louise harbours a bitter secret. Having fallen

EastEnders Whodunits

A storm is brewing in the Branning family, one that’ll endanger the life of one of EastEnders biggest characters. EastEnders Whodunits will be investigating those involved to get to the bottom of the eternal EastEnders mystery… whodunit?   EastEnders Whodunits will be looking back at the complex conundrums to hit the Square over the years, from the almost dead body of Reg Cox in the very first episode, to the

No More Pulling

BBC Three has decided to pull the plug on its successful comedy series, Pulling, despite ratings rising for its second season. The comedy series will wrap up with a special episode next year.   BBC Three controller Danny Cohen has decided not to commission a third series of Pulling, a comedy series that has proved popular on the digital channel. The move has come as a shock as the second