bbcBBC Worldwide has bought the remainder of DVD publishing firm 2Entertain which it jointly owned with high-street retailer Woolworths before it went into administration.


bbcBBC Worldwide has bought the remainder of the DVD publishing firm 2Entertain securing full ownership for the commercial arm of the BBC. BBC Worldwide owned the DVD company jointly with high-street retailer Woolsworths but the collapse of Woolworth  in November 2008 put the future of the company in some doubt. The BBC had been trying to secure full ownership of the company since Woolworths fell into administration and has now successful bought remaining shares of 2Enterain. Worldwide stated that the money to buy the remaining shares, reportedly £17m, did not come from the licence fee. Programmes released by 2Entertain include Planet Earth, Top Gear, Howard’s Way, later seasons of Bad Girls and classic Doctor Who stories. Despite the collapse of Woolworths the 2Entertain did not enter administration itself and has constantly remained in profit.



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