There has been some speculation that finally, after a long campaign, that Channel 4 serial Brookside could be released on DVD for its 30th anniversary. With that in mind, what episodes would you like to see released?


It was a revolution in “soap opera” back in 1982, and it became a trend-setter leading the way for EastEnders and even Coronation Street to inject a little more grit into British television saga but while most of the ITV soaps have been released on DVD in recent years the residents of Brookside Close have remained overlooked.

Brookside by being on Channel 4 was able to break new ground – the television regulator wouldn’t allow a show like Brookside to air on ITV at that time (and the soaps that did air on ITV at that time were under strict, much stricter than the then new Channel 4’s, regulations).

The regulations bound to the ITV companies often lead to their serials often being criticised for coming across as far too cosy and safe. Brookside throughout all its years on-air was never safe, it took risks and delivered plots covering issues that other shows feared to tread. The show also however had a great deal of humour and its early years were defined by the greatly crafted characters and the well written storylines delivered twice a week.

From 1982 to 2003 Brookside entertained, shocked and sometimes informed its audience. But now, as we head towards ten years since it ended and thirty since it began, which episodes stand out as the definitive editions of the Liverpool-based series?

You can list your favourite episodes in our message section below. And we’ll publish them on Friday.

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