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The Sarah Jane Adventures [week 49]

  Find out what happens in the next episode of the popular CBBC series The Sarah Jane Adventures, a spin-off from Doctor Who starring Elisabeth Sladen.       The Temptation of Sarah Jane BBC One, Monday 1st December. 4.35 pm Part Two: Clyde and Rani, trapped in a devastated alternative world with the survivors of mankind, make a desperate bargain with The Graske, in the concluding part of this

Survivors [week 49]

  Find out what dangers await the Survivors in the next episode of the re-imaged BBC drama series, based on the novelisation of the 1970s series by Terry Nation.     Episode Three BBC One, Tuesday 2nd December. 9pm   Abby stumbles across a community that could hold the key to everyone’s future, as Adrian Hodges’s re-imagining of the classic Seventies BBC drama series, based on the novel by Terry

Apparitions [week 49]

  The dark series starring Martin Shaw as a priest continues on BBC One.       Episode Four BBC One, Thursday 4th December. 9pm.   Father Jacob is called to a woman’s health clinic where supernatural forces seem to be at work, as the drama continues. Sister Ruth is concerned about his involvement. Jacob passes a group of disabled rights protestors outside. One of these protestors later approaches Michael

USA Cult Previews Week 49

  Find out what happens in this week’s episodes of Heroes and Sanctuary.           Sanctuary [Week 49] Episode Eight: ITV4, Monday 1st December. 9pm   Will (Robin Dunne) gets a call from Joe Cavanaugh (Kavan Smith), a former colleague in the police force, who grudgingly concedes that his suspicious suicide case desperately needs Will’s rare expertise in the unusual. The case revolves around Edward (Michael Eisner),

Next Doctor in the Tardis

  Speculation will now the rife over who will the cast to play the Doctor following David Tennant’s announcement, last night at the National Television Awards, that he’s to step down from the role following next year’s specials. We throw a few names into the ring as to who we think could make a good 11th Doctor and we’re not ruling of the possibility of a female Doctor. Russell Tovey:

Handing over the Tardis Keys

So its official, David Tennant will only be doing next year’s specials and after that he’s handing over the keys to the Tardis to someone else. Just who that may be isn’t known yet, and may not be for some time, but there’s a long history of Doctors regenerating into another. The show keeps going and going and here we take a look back at the previous actors to play

BBC confirms David Tennant’s departure from Doctor Who

  Following David Tennant’s announcement last night that he will not be starring in the fifth season of Doctor Who, which will air in 2010, the BBC has released a statement about his departure from the series.   David Tennant has announced that he will leave the award winning BBC One drama Doctor Who when he has completed the filming of four special episodes which will be screened in 2009

Who’s Off?

David Tennant has tonight made public his decision to leave the BBC’s sci-fi drama Doctor Who at the end of 2009. Tennant, who has played the Time lord since series two of the revived ‘Who’, confirmed live on ITV that he was quitting the role that has made him popular with family audiences across the UK and beyond. Such is the affection for Tennant’s Doctor Who – he tonight won

Shatner Angry of ‘Wedding Snub’

  Star Trek actor William Shatner has attacked his co-star, George Takei, for not inviting him to his wedding. In a video blog Shatner said he did not understand why George Takei still held a grudge against him.     Earlier this year George Takei married his long-term partner, Brad Altman, and several of Takei’s Trek co-stars were there, such as Nichelle Nicholas and Walter Koenig but William Shatner was

Russell T Davies ‘Replacement’ Announced

Current Who writer Steven Moffat is to replace Doctor Who exec Russell T Davis the BBC confirmed today. Moffat, who is credited by some fans as writing some of the best Who episodes in the re-vamped series, will take over in 2010, after Davies rounds up his run in charge with a number of special episodes in 2009. Davies has over seen the revived series since its return to BBC