ITV3 celebrates ten years

ITV3 is celebrating its 10th birthday with a weekend of programming featuring episodes from some of Britain’s best known dramas on the channel. ITV3 made its debut at 9pm on 1st November 2004 and earned a reputation for screening loved dramas, quickly becoming one of the most popular digital channels in the UK. To mark this special occasion, ten of the most popular ITV3 dramas will be shown over the

Watch EastEnders’ John Bardon perform Maneater

Earlier today it was announced that John Bardon, who played Jim Branning in EastEnders, has died at the age of 75. The official EastEnders website confirmed that the actor, who suffered a debilitating stroke in 2007, passed away this morning following a period of ill health. Bardon made his first appearance as the once-bigoted Jim in 1996, appearing in three episodes, before joining the show on a full time basis, in 1999,

EyeSpy: Sky at 25

Today marks two and a half decades of Sky broadcasting in the UK. Time flies when you’re having televisual fun doesn’t it?

EyeSpy: Bing Crosby & David Bowie at ATV

Every year we look back at Christmas past with a tune from ITV past. Its been a tradition in recent years to unleash Noele Gordon’s festive sing-alongs from ATV’s Crossroads on Christmas Day, however this year its from ATV’s Christmas Special with Bing Crosby of 1978 that we get festively lyrical with.