Special Reports – Axed in the USA

In the wake of the announcements by American broadcasters over which shows would be re-commissioned, which pilots picked up and which show’s cancelled we’re running several features looking at these announcements. Our first feature looks at the programmes that were cancelled by their broadcasters – there’s quite a few!   Axed in the USA – yes the axe man cometh in America as broadcasters have been busy clearing out programmes

Eurovision: In Photos

  The annual bonanza of the bizarre, camp and dam right barmy is now over as Eurovision 2009 is won by Norway. We take a look back at this year’s competition, held in Moscow, which once more feature a line-up that would raise eye brows even at a SF convention!     Eurovision 2009 might have featured the expected line-up of barmy acts with barely understandable lyrics but Political/Bloc Voting

Editor Reports: Britain’s Got Talent or has it?

Britain’s Got Talent: Has it lost its shine? Our editor, Doug Lambert, is bored. Bored of ITV talent shows it seems; as he explains in this edition of ATV Reports. Am I the only one who is utterly bored of Britain’s Got Talent? There have been a mere handful of episodes from the current series but it feels like the Simon Cowell vehicle has been on for months and months.

Replacing Grade: Possible Candidates

With the news that Michael Grade is to step down from his role as Chief Executive of ITV the hunt for his successor begins and no doubt they’ll be endless speculation in the press about possible replacements for Grade. So here are a few people we think could be in the running for the job.     Greg Dyke   It would be the height of irony if Dyke was