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Telephone the newsroom (select option 2) 0844 8848 792.

ATV Today UK (founded as ATV News Network in 2006) is operated by ATV Network® Limited and is produced by teams based at ATV North (Newcastle Upon Tyne), ATV Midlands (Peterborough) and ATV London (Muswell Hill).

For more details please visit our parent website at or you can find us on Twitter and our page on Facebook.


Content Editor:

Shaun Linden (ATV Midlands based). (Email)

Television News Editor:

Doug Lambert (ATV London and ATV Midlands based). (Email)

Assistant Editor:

Mike Watkins (ATV North based). (Email)

Media Sports Editor:

Callum Patterson (ATV North based). (Email)

Soap Editor:

Lynn Swift (ATV North based). (Email)

Entertainment Editor:

Ian Westhead (ATV North based) (Email)

LGBT Editor:

Martha Kirkpatrick (ATV Midlands based) (Email)

Picture Editor:

Don Westbury (ATV London based) (Email)

Specialist Feature Writer:

Queenie Le Trout (ATV London based). (Email)

Television Critic:

Vivian Summers (ATV London based). (Email)


James Ryder (ATV Midlands based). (Email)

Dominic Knight (ATV Midlands based). (Email)

Neil Lang (ATV Midlands based). (Email)

Independent Content Submissions / Articles and Features Manager:

Stephen Wilson (ATV North based) (Email)

Content Contributor:

Darren Gray Management.

ATV Network ® text and logo is a registered trademark (online media, television and entertainment) of ATV Network Limited. ATV North(), ATV Midlands() and ATV London() are regularly used brands of ATV Network since 2006 as part of the ‘ATV News Network‘.

ATV News Network was founded in 2006 following a merger of NewsZone (created by the Crossroads Fan Club/Doug Lambert/Mike Garrett) and SoapWorld (created by Shaun Linden) websites to create a dual content site. The ATV Today brand was implemented fully in 2008.

ATV Network Limited is a wholly owned company of the Associated Television Network Limited.

Registered Office:

Associated Television Network

20-22 Wenlock Road,


Please do not send post to this address without contacting us first as it may require posting elsewhere.

Note of warning: Companies have been formed in late 2015 baring some of our production brands, however company names do not override a brand name, and these recently created companies should be treated with caution. They are not associated with the longer running ATV Network nor our brands ATV Midlands or ATV London which have been in regular use for several years.
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