Sharon Ricknman nee Watts (Letitia Dean) is heading back to Albert Square and to mark the characters return to EastEnders a new trailer has been released by the BBC.

Hurricane Sharon is heading to Albert Square although the trailer promoting the character’s return actually features a Tornado and not a hurricane but that’s a minor gripe. The trailer is actually very good though we can’t help but think EastEnders should actually feature a hurricane plotline at some point as this trailer seems to prove they could do it very well!

It’s not as though anyone would be able to moan about another unrealistic storyline because back in the late 80’s London was famously hit by a very bad storm….and anything Emmerdale can do EastEnders can do better!

We do think though Sharon Watts/Rickman should come with a government health warning; residents of Albert Square may wish to avoid her as they may end up dead or banished to America and to be honest we aren’t quite sure which is worse!

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