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After last week’s “Nuke” video we cross back to the right side of the Pond but stick with the theme of popular gay couples. Perhaps the most popular couple of recent times in soaps, but especially Hollyoaks, was John-Paul and Craig. Affectionately dubbed “McDean” by fans of them, their paring set forums across the internet ablaze as fans discussed every step of their journey. Much the same with our American cousins and “Nuke” really. So here’s a music video crammed full of “McDean” moments!


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Top Silly Story:

Last Sunday night finally saw tabloid favourite Roxanne Pallet kicked off Dancing on Ice. The “actress” is perhaps more famous for discussing her sex life to which ever paper will pay the most rather than her stint in Emmerdale. Of course it seems Pallet can’t take eviction on the chin and has hit out at the judges. What is it with ITV soap stars and speaking out when they don’t win?


“Jason says I am not sincere, arrogant and have no charisma. Has he looked in the mirror? Pot, kettle, black. I think his comments are tiresome. It’s like he reads children’s books to come up with insults.” – Pallet speaking to The Daily Star


Well dear have you looked in the mirror lately?  If there’s ever a case of pot, kettle, black this is it. The judges are there to criticise, if you can’t take that “darling” then you are in the wrong profession. But speaking to The Daily Star says all you need to know about Pallet really.


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