Hannah Spearritt has discussed the future of sci-fi series Primeval and its forthcoming Canadian spin-off Primeval: New World.

The fifths season of Primeval will make its terrestrial debut on ITV1 on Saturday evening. The fifth season has already aired in the UK on digital channel Watch last Summer. Hannah Spearritt, who plays Abby Maitland, in the drama has spoken of the show’s uncertain future. On the prospect of a sixth season the actress told TV Choice ‘There’s been no mention of it to me. It’s a difficult one. We’ve had five series and it would be lovely if it did carry on….it’s kind of tough though because I hope it hasn’t lost momentum. If we made another one, by the time it’s shown again, all the fans will have been waiting a couple of years and I don’t know if that’s entirely fair’

When ITV originally axed Primeval in 2009 a co-production deal between various companies was put together to secure the sci-fi series for a further two seasons. As part of that deal Watch had the UK first run rights to the fifth season hence why ITV1 will be broadcasting episodes after they’ve already been aired.

If Primeval doesn’t continue in the UK past the fifth season the brand will life on in the forthcoming Canadian spin-off Primeval: New World. Spearritt told TV Guide she is looking forward to the new spin-off and will is interested in how the series will work.

“I’m excited about seeing the spinoff show, and it’s nice that the concept carries on…i’m just intrigued really to see how they do it…..It’ll be interesting to see what they do with the locations,” she added. “I suppose it will be strange, but I’m excited for it as well.” – Hannah SpearrittĀ  speaking to TV Choice

Primeval: New World has been filmed in Vancouver, Canada and is described as a “darker, older, scarier” series. It will star Vampire Diaries actress Sara Canning and Niall Matter. It will air on Space in Canada and in the UK it will air on Watch. It is unclear though whether or not ITV1 will also air the spin-off.

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