Day three of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! saw the arrival of at camp of the two new jungle contestants and the unexpected departure of Freddie Starr (pictured, right).

1980’s pop star Sinitta and Smooth Radio DJ Pat Sharp were soon to enter the Jungle, but before they did they had to make the journey there. They had decisions to make and each decision would have a direct impact on the other campmates – unbeknown to them or the new arrivals of course.

Mark has opened up to Crissy and Lorraine about his ten year on-off relationship with ex-girlfriend and childhood sweetheart Lauren Goodger. He revealed he is still in love with her and said “I love her so much and if I kiss her I just want to get into bed with her”.

Lorraine tells Mark “I think you are confusing love with lust”.

Mark, confused sought advice from the older women and told them he thinks both he and Lauren are insecure of each other, “It’s jealousy and we bicker” said Mark

Lorraine suggested, “If you love each other try counselling. Perhaps you should make a pact to have a break for a few years and if it’s still there, you don’t want a life of fighting”.

Crissy offers her advice, “Maybe you’ve outgrown each other but you still love each other”.

A clearly teary and reflective Mark, rests back on his bed and looks to the stars.

Jess, Dougie (pictured, right) and Willie were having a gossip around Snake Rock camp fire and Dougie revealed that he once wee’ed on his own face! “How did you pee on your face?” laughed Jess

“I was peeing in a bush and lifted ‘It’ up” said Dougie. Willie looks confused and said “What? It’s that big?. Dougie explained “Someone pushed me into ‘it so I peed on my own face”.

Jess then reveals that she’s accidentally drunk her own wee before. “It was an accident, I thought it was water that I picked up from the night before. I’d drank the water in the middle of night, couldn’t make the toilet so wee’ed in the glass. I then drank it in the morning by accident. The toilet was too far from the bed – ‘pee in my pants’ too far, so I got a glass and pee’ed in it”. Willie looked at them both confused.

Meanwhile in Croc Creek, Lorraine gathered Mark and Antony together to reveal that she’s just had her first poo in the jungle. “How do you feel?” asks Mark, “Much better now” says Lorraine. Marks asks Antony if he’s been yet and Antony reveals he still hasn’t been…much to his annoyance.

“Mark’s had one, Lorraine’s now had one, Fatima’s had one, Crissy’s not had one as she’s not bloody got up and I’ve still not had one” says a frustrated Antony in the Bush Telegraph. “I’ve not had one yet but when it’s time to happen I will let you know” smiles Antony.

Dougie and Jess were chatting in Snake Rock about love/relationships and Dougie was gushing about his new girlfriend. “When we kiss it’s for 45 mins, it’s awesome”. “We’ve known each other a while but only recently got together at a concert, it was super cheesy but we made out all night” smiled Dougie.

“I love hearing stories like this” said Jess.“ The first day I met her I thought she was the coolest chick ever, so stunning, she’s a total babe” said Dougie.

Mark and Antony (pictured, right) continue their mini ‘bromance’ and bathed together in the creek, they’ve been using this time to have a good old gossip about life outside camp… and of course their fellow campmates.

Later in a statement ITV revealed that Freddie Starr won’t return to the series after falling ill after a bush-tucker trial which involved eating a pig’s anus, a fermented egg, and camel’s toe.

“Producers of I’m A Celebrity . . . Get Me Out Of Here! have decided that Freddie Starr won’t return to live in the jungle. Freddie has been a terrific contestant. His Bush Tucker Trial is one of the stand out moments in the history of the series and we wish him all the very best.”

The comedian was taken out of the camp for medical treatment after he collapsed after beating fellow contestant Mark Wright in the challenge.

I’m a Celebrity airs nightly on ITV at 9pm

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