General HospitalSeveral more One Life to Live actors could be heading to General Hospital.

ABC Soaps in Depth report that two more One Life to Live actors could crossover to General Hospital in the forthcoming months. The medical soap’s new show-runner is Frank Valentini who held the same position at OLTL up until ABC’s cancellation. Valentini then signed a deal with Prospect Park to remain onboard when the daytime serial moved to the Internet but when that fell apart ABC moved him over to General Hospital replacing long-term showrunner Jill Phelps.

It was announced earlier this month that actors Michael Easton, Kristen Alderson, Kassie DPavia and Roger Howarth would crossover to General Hospital as their OLTL characters. Now Soaps in Depth report that Van Hughes, who played Cole Thornhart, and Melissa Archer, who played Natalie Buchanan Banks, could also reprise their roles on GH.

If the reports are indeed true it would seem there’s certainly something of a One Life to Live reunion taking place on General Hospital and doubtless fans will hope more characters will soon make the journey from Llanview to Port Charles.

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