NBCA broadcaster in New Zealand is planning to drop American soaps Days of our Lives and The Young and the Restless from its schedules after 30 years due to declining ratings.


NBCNew Zealand broadcaster Television New Zealand is planning to drop two American soaps from its schedules from October due to declining ratings. The broadcaster has aired episodes of Days of our Lives and The Young and the Restless for nearly 30 years and while they were once a popular part of the schedules declining ratings has prompted TVNZ’s decision to drop both soaps.

“We understand that there are faithful fans that have been watching for some considerable amount of time, but there are also those that are saying to us they would appreciate something fresh after such a long period. We need to play something that appeals to a wider range of people,” – A spokesperson for TVNZ quoted on Soap Central.


CBSNew Zealand fans of both soaps have already launched their campaign to try and save both programmes but have met with little success. Rival broadcasters have already announced they have no intention of picking up either soap. Both soaps will continue to air on TVNZ until October when they will disappear from the schedules. Fellow American soap The Bold and the Beautiful will continue to air for now.

 Declining ratings isn’t a problem limited to New Zealand broadcast’s of American soaps. All daytime CBSsoaps in America have been plagued by low ratings for several years now and despite every attempt by producers to boost them – revamps, reviving characters – ratings are still on the decline. The world’s longest soap, Guiding Light, recently finished its run after a staggering 72 years of broadcasting. There has been wide spread speculation amongst fans in America that broadcasters may take the axe to more soaps in the next few years.


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