Splash-Tom-Daley-ITVTomorrow evening ITV‘s surprise hit Splash! will reach its finale and here’s a preview for you.

The critics have blasted it but the viewers have kept watching it; Splash! has proven to be a surprise ratings hit for ITV on Saturday evenings. It has all the ingredients of a flop; naff format, bland presenters, rubbish celebrities and endless commercial breaks for some reason viewers keep tuning in. I can only collude its to see Olympian Tom Daley in swimming trunks!

Tomorrow night’s finale will see Linda Barker, Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards and James Canuso perform a synchronised dive but only one will be crowned the winner. Isn’t it rather telling the only name I recognise there is Changing Rooms‘ Linda Barker! Does anyone actually care who wins? Is anyone actually tuning in for the celebrity diving?

Splash! Finale, 7.15pm, ITV on Saturday (2nd February)

[Written by Vivian Summers]

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