Sarah-PalinQueenie Le Trout presents her weekly round up of all things showbiz, celebrity, whacky and reality television. In this week’s BUMPER edition: All the latest “news” from Dancing on Ice, Sarah Palin quits Fox News, Michelle Collins doesn’t get modern dress sense and Piers Morgan gets shot down but not literally.


American Churches Threaten To Withdraw Scouts Funding

Church CrossI regularly bash Christianity in my blogs but that’s mostly because Christians make it so easy for me. Honestly darlings I don’t go looking for stories in which Christians send themselves up but there are so many such stories out there it is rather hard to ignore them. Most of them come from America of course though a fair few are from our own shores sadly.

The latest Christian-bashing involves Churches in America who are threatening to withdraw funding from the Boy Scouts of America if the organisation lifts its controversial ban on gay members/leaders. What a lovely and charitable thing to do; withdraw funding because an organisation stops discriminating against a section of society. I’m sure Jesus would approve of such actions.

Fox News, that beacon of impartiality and quality news reporting, sunk to a new low – which is hard considering how low the organisation is – when one of its reporters seemingly connected homosexuality with paedophilia. Fox News reporter Doug McKelway said on the possibility of the BSA lifting its gay ban “ Others say, and I’m sure we’ll hear a lot of this in the coming days, a lot of people who don’t want their kids to go camping out deep in to the woods for days on end with guys who are avowed, open gays.”

I’m sure there are a lot of people out there who wouldn’t want their children going camping with bigots either.

Sarah Palin and Fox News Parting Ways

Sarah-PalinSticking with Fox News darlings because over the past week it has been announced that political idiot Sarah Palin is to part ways with the Conservative news organisation. Palin was, of course, the running mate of Republican John McCain when he ran for the Presidency in 2008 and lost in a massive landslide to Barack Obama.

The former governor of Alaska didn’t take defeat lying down though securing herself a place on Fox News, penning books and even landing her own reality series. Palin’s daughter Bristol also found the limelight alluring appearing on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars.

Palin is also the darling of the Republican movement the ‘Tea Party’ which are a bunch of gun-loving right-wingers who believe gods speaks to them. That’s the nicest possible way I can describe the Tea Party darlings; I could be very worse and believe me I was very tempted.

Sarah Palin’s political clout has waned somewhat over the past year or so which maybe why Fox News has decided to let her go. While she may still be the darling of the Tea Party there are many who are uncomfortable with her position as a celebrity now rather than politician; after all she doesn’t hold any political offices anymore.

Whatever the reason for the parting of the ways for Palin and Fox News it is unlikely that the Republican will disappear into an Alaskan sunset. After all there’s an election in four years time and the Republican Party will be looking for a new presidential candidate and call me cynical darling but I’m sure Sarah Palin’s name will be bandied about. Failing that there’s always another reality show or two to keep her name in the headlines.

Injured By Gay Sex, Why Not Sue?

Camden Public Gents ToiletsI really can not believe it isn’t April Fools darlings because this story simply can not be true! Pink News reports that the Accident Claims website, on Friday, was displaying a story about someone who sued after being injured during gay sex in a public toilet!

It sounds like a Little Britain spoof darlings but the following reportedly appeared on the Accident Claims website “I was getting bummed in a public toilet and slipped on a wet floor and split my head open… my boyfriend had to rush me to hospital. I just received a £2k cheque for 10 stiches in my head and a burst anus… thanks! Mr C Eyley”

Pink News has contacted the company to see if the story was true or in fact a hoax which, come on darlings, it must have been! I suspect perhaps someone at Accident Claims was taking the piss or they were hacked!

The story went on to trend on Twitter and no doubt provide hours of amusement. Still if it is a genuine story then there are one or two celebrities who *may* indulge in public toilet sex who might be interested!

[Please note dears the photo is for illustrative purposes only and does not mean the ‘incident’ took place in Camden…if indeed it took place at all]

The Real Housewives of New York: Season Six

Real-Houses-NYC-2012Filming on the sixth season of Bravo‘s Real Housewives of New York is reportedly due to begin soon. Production has, according to reports, been delayed several times leaving cast members frustrated and left hanging on.

In fact some reports claim that the housewives don’t even know if they will be returning or not! Bravo has not decided which housewives it wants back for the sixth season which obviously hasn’t impressed the cast very much.

The fifth season saw Carole Radziwill, Heather Thomson and Aviva Drescher join the cast. Original cast member Ramona “Pinot Grigio” Singer proved she could have a feud with anyone during the fifth season by falling out with Thomson and later on Drescher. Long-term fans of the deliciously wonderful RHONY will know that Ramona has fallen out with pretty much everyone bar Sonja Morgan during her time on the series.

However, Ramona’s long-running feud with Countess LuAnn de Lesseps and former series regular Jill Zarin doesn’t compare to the one she had with Aviva Drescher in the fifth season. While Romona and Aviva started the season as friends they ended as bitter enemies.

Their feud proved to be TV gold in last batch of the season five episodes as Aviva relentless went after Ramona in way that no one has done before. Not even Jill Zarin went continually after Ramona in the way that Aviva did. In the end neither Aviva or Ramona won but neither backed down.

So I’m hoping that both are back next year to continue their bitter war. In fact I hope all the season five cast come back but I think Aviva may need an ally in her crusade against Ramona; step forward Jill Zarin.

Come on Bravo, bring her back!

News In Brief:

Britain's Brightest, Clare BaldingNational treasure Clare Balding has landed her own chat-show on B.T Sport. That’s in addition to Balding’s coverage of racing on Channel 4 and her own BBC prime-time series Britain’s Brightest. The good news is one in the eye for Daily Mail writer Liz Jones who recently penned a much criticised article attacking Clare Balding for no real reason at all. I’m sure Liz is just thrilled at Clare’s continued success and yes dears I’m being wicked there.

Ratings for ITV’s bottom-of-the-barrel series Splash! fell last week for its semi-final. The ‘entertainment’ series had been pulling in over 5 million viewers but last week tumbled down to under the 5 million mark. The highlight of Splash! for viewers must be Olympian Tom Daley because it can’t be the shows spectacularly unimpressive line-up of celebrities or presenters Gabby Logan or Vernon Kay.

One Direction with Nokia phonesHarry Styles is hoping to pick up one award at next month’s NME Awards but it may not be then one you think. The One Direction singer has been nominated in the ‘Villain of the Year’ category and Styles told The Mirror he hopes he’ll be crowned the winner “I hope I win, You’ve got to take the rough with the smooth but I don’t really feel like I’ve done anything that bad. Should be fun!” Nominated in the same category are Gangnam Style’s Psy and David Cameron two worthy winners so Harry might have his work cut out on this occasion!

Stella PriceCorrie actress Michelle Collins doesn’t understand why girls these days go out dressed as slappers – though did word it a little more politely than me. The former EastEnder told The Mirror “The porn star look seems to be very popular at the moment and I’m like, ‘Why do women dress like that?’ I’ve played roles where I’ve had to dress in an overtly sexy way, but otherwise I just do what I do for me and my plan is to grow old gracefully”. What is even more hard to understand is why girls dress up as slappers with just belts for skirts when its fucking freezing cold! Are they so off their fucking faces they think there in the Costa Del Sol?

Rihanna has confirmed what everyone already knew; she has reunited with former lover Chris Brown. In an interview with Rolling Stones magazine the singer admitted she expected some backlash over the reunion but insisted her relationship with Brown was different this time. “We don’t have those types of arguments anymore. We talk about s**t. We value each other. We know exactly what we have now, and we don’t want to lose that.” The singer also stated that she will walk away if Brown gets violent again “He doesn’t have the luxury of f**king up again. That’s just not an option.”

CBB Rylan wins January 2013 SeriesCelebrity Big Brother winner and former X Factor hopeful Rylan Clark has stripped naked posing in a martini glass with just his hands covering his modesty. The reason? For Cosmo magazine and to raise awareness of male cancer for Everyman – numerous other celebrities have previously stripped bare for Everyman. Thank god Cosmo didn’t answer that awful Spencer to strip bare for them! To see Rylan stripped naked why not buy the latest issue of Cosmo? Or if you’re chav nick it from Tesco!

Piers MorganPiers Morgan got a roasting from E! presenter Chelsea Handler when he appeared on her chat-show Chelsea Lately. Morgan’s appearance on the chat-show had barely begun when Handler asked what he was looking at to which the CNN presenter replied “You’ve either had plastic surgery or a makeover because you look really hot today”. If that was meant as a compliment Handler didn’t take it a such and hit back “Oh, you’re so annoying…You’re so obnoxious. You wonder why everyone hates you. I specifically covered up so you couldn’t look at me and undress me with your molester eyes today.” I have no idea who Chelsea Handler is but suddenly I like the girl!

Dancing On Ice: News Round-Up

Dancing on IceAnthea Turner has become the latest celebrity to skate-off Dancing on Ice following Pamela Anderson, Lauren Goodger and Oona King. The biggest surprise of all is that anyone is still watching the series.

I tuned in for the first fifteen minutes last week dears for the “school disco” special. I can’t say I was impressed; Shayne Ward was a good dancers dear but to go to a commercial break so soon into the bloody show is just fucking ridiculous. Give me Strictly Come Dancing any day of the week dears!

Coronation Street - Maria ConnorCoronation Street actor Charlie Condou has stated he wouldn’t mind appearing in Dancing on Ice next year. The actor told the Radio Times “I think I would…..I was thinking, ‘Not a chance’, but when I went to watch it live, I started to think I’d really enjoy this.  So you never know – watch this space. I think, out of all those sort of shows, it’s the one I’d want to do the most”

Condou’s co-star Samia Ghadie is currently appearing in Dancing On Ice and the ITV series has a long history of featuring Corrie stars past and present. Gaynor Faye, Zaraah Abrahams, Chris Fountain, Danny Young, Steven Arnold and Andy Whyment have all appeared in previous seasons.

Condou has played Marcus Dent in Coronation Street since 2007 originally departing in 2008 before returning in 2011. Marcus is currently involved in a deeply unconvincing and unrealistic romance with Maria Connor (Samia Ghadie) despite being gay.

DOI-Jason-GardinerMeanwhile catty Ice judge Jason Gardiner has apologised for comments he made about Shayne Ward’s dance routine on Sunday evening. The judge, known for his cutting remarks, said of Ward’s routine “It started well for me and I thought you were in your stride but it kind of ended up livin’ la vida locked-in syndrome because you were throwing everything away.”

Tabloid newspaper The Sun reports that some viewers were offended by the comments and that media watchdog Ofcom received 24 complaints. Now considering DOI gets over 6 million viewers 24 complaints is rather like one grain of sand on a beach full of the stuff!

Anyway Gardiner has apologised for the remarks. On Twitter the judge said “I sincerely apologise for any offense caused. That was never my intention.”

Emmerdale’s Kelvin Fletcher Blasts DS Forums

Emmerdale-AndyEmmerdale actor Kelvin Fletcher has become the latest person to blast the Digital Spy forums. The actor plays Andy Sugden in ITV’s Emmerdale and isn’t too happy about some of the posters on the DS forums.

According to reports Fletcher wrote on TwitterWho ARE these people that comment in the forum? Some comments were vile and oozed bitterness. They can’t be fans of television and film. Can’t be. Full on essays, about people (me) they have never met! Amazing.” The actor described some of the users of the forums as “vile people” who ooze “bitterness”.

I haven’t been on the D.S forums for quite some time darlings but they used to be populated by idiotic teenagers with the attention span of a dead gold-fish. I do remember some of them used to complain about “character scenes” in soaps; those quieter moments when we get a (rare) bit of character development. Seemingly they (most of them) prefer guns, sex and explosions instead of real characters and real dialogue.

Well done Kelvin for speaking out!

Brendan Coyle in Twitter Spat

Maggie-ThatcherDownton Abbey actor Brendan Coyle – who plays Mr. John Bates in ITV’s superb period piece – has reportedly got into a spat with a Tweeter on Twitter. Tabloid rag The Sun claims that the actor told a user to “go fuck yourself” after he was taken to task over his dislike of former PM Margaret Thatcher.

The Sun claims that NHS consultant Roberta Knighton told Coyle that his Twitter comments regarding Thatcher were “beneath” him. The tabloid claims that Coyle responded with “Hard to know how to respond to that… but go f*** yourself feels about right…….You have no idea what is beneath me… p.s. go f*** yourself x” before blocking the user.

Unfortunately The Sun doesn’t actually state what Coyle’s comments were regarding Maggie Thatcher but I am sure whatever they might have been they were not “beneath” him. In fact they were probably spot on. I can not stand Maggie Thatcher and the ONLY good thing about her was the Spitting Image puppet – see picture!

Christmas Special for Mrs Brown’s Boys

Mrs Brown's BoysIt may not be a fourth season but the BBC’s news it has ordered another two-part Christmas Special of Mrs Brown’s Boys is music to my ears. Monday’s have been a delight thanks to Mrs Brown’s Boys and Miranda. I actually look forward to Monday’s – even though they are shitty days – because of the laughs I know will be coming my way in the evening.

Agnes Brown is a woman after my own heart and thank god she’ll be back at Christmas to dish out my tough love and knowing winks to the audience. Lets hope that a fourth series of Mrs Brown’s Boys – and a fourth season of Miranda too – isn’t too far off!

Dallas Returns! But Where Was Everyone?

Dallas cast: Larry Hagman, Linda Gray & Patrick DuffyDallas returned on Tuesday evening to Channel 5 for its second season but you might not have known that. Last year Dallas launched on Channel 5 to much fanfare and hype. This year…nothing, well very little. We have a banner, photo, news stories and trailers for the return of Dallas but you would have been hard push to find much elsewhere.

Its little wonder the ratings for Dallas were depressingly poor but up against Death in Paradise with little publicity its not surprising there was no sparkle to the ratings! So darlings it is up to us to spread the word that’s Dallas is back because it would be a crying shame to see the series fail!

Read my review of Tuesday night’s Dallas here >>

Now before I go darlings I’ve got one more thing for you. I’ve been wondering who would win in a battle between Dallas’ J.R Ewing (Larry Hagman), Dynasty’s Alexis Colby (Joan Collins) and Falcon Crest’s Angela Channing (Jane Wyman)? Can you imagine the three of them locking horns and trying to out fox each other? But who would emerge the victor?

Would it be J.R or Alexis or Angela? Post your suggestions below!

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