David Beckham  has given his fans another thrill by having some photos from his H&M bodywear collection unleashed to Facebook users.

Now darlings I’m not particularly keen on Becks myself, although I know an awful lot of women and fellas find him fit as… …well fit as a former Manchester United football star married to a skinny woman who pouts a lot.

David Beckham's H&M Knickers

Beckham’s H&M bodywear collection has also seen a commercial directed by Guy Ritchie created and that’ll be unleashed this week too. Becks, 37, shot the images and advert in Los Angeles last month.

David told Facebook fans that he has “more to come this week”. Judging by the bulge darlings, Tom Daley has a lot more to come out with. Don’t read anything else into that you lot, I know some are desperate for dear Tom  to say he’s a gay diver, but I’m talking bigger bulges here only. We may have to have a battle of the bigger bulge at some point here in my hunks page.

You can see more of this kind of thing at the footie boy Beckham’s Facebook here

[Vivian Summers, source: David Beckham/Facebook]

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