Another abusive hounding by Richard LittlejohnATV Today looks at some of the news from the past week with comment from resident silver surfer Vivian. Including the Daily Mail living up to its usual reputation with a Littlejohn piece that seemingly has lead to a death, Doctor Who continues to make press pages over the future of two key players in the show, Hollyoaks is tackling cancer, rumours abound Kym Marsh is to take over the refurbished Rovers Return after the blaze, the end of Television Centre and even more emotional the demise of Girls Aloud and Ant and Dec or PJ and Duncan rumble the iTunes chart.

Hate Mail

It’s nicknamed ‘Hate Mail’ by many with its shameful option writers who go beyond a joke and slight ribbing into full on slaughtering of people with words.

The paper wants to set the moral tone for Britain, with its endless campaigns to ban anything and everything deemed immoral by the editor. This week the paper was ripped to shreds on Twitter following the tragic death of schoolteacher Lucy Meadows who had been the victim of one of Richard Littlejohn’s opion pices. Maybe there are bets in the office between these star writers as to whom can be the most offensive, after all its the same publication that had Stephen Gately’s death turned into a anti-gay bashing session by Jan Moi.

A petition has been set up to have the oink sacked from the paper, it states:

“This week, after being mocked in the press with an attack piece by the Daily Mail columnist Richard Littlejohn, schoolteacher Lucy Meadows committed suicide.

“Lucy was raised male, but recently underwent a transition to live as female — which for Littlejohn was reason enough to attack her in his column. Leading with the mocking headline “He’s not only in the wrong body… he’s in the wrong job”, Littlejohn belittled and harassed Meadows, referring to her decision as her “personal problems” and playing on the outdated scare tactic that LGBT people are a threat to children.”

The petition, which ironically the campaigning Daily Mail will ignore, also notes;

“The vile article led to a witch hunt targeting Meadows. Newspapers offered to pay parents for a picture of her, and she complained of having to leave home by the back door and arrive early to school to avoid the packs of journalists.”

It isn’t the first time Littlejohn, who it must be wonderful to be – as he clearly is so perfect, has set out to offend people. No doubt Littlejohn will say the press must questions society and must look at the issues. I agree, that is something the press should do, but it is all in the way in which the articles are structured and the tone they take that makes all the difference.

Littlejohn’s was just end to end abuse directed at Lucy. That isn’t debate it is bulling.

Interesting fact, it used to be in the IBA television regulation guidelines that it was unlawful to ‘cause offence’. If the Daily Mail had been a television station it would have been closed down.

From the clown of the Daily Mirror to a Doctor…

Steven-MoffatDoctor Who boss Steven Moffat suggests his time in charge maybe nearing its end

The executive producer and writer on the hit science fiction saga has said his time on the show, which originally launched in 1963, is ‘nearer the end than the beginning’.

Moffat took over from controversial producer Russell T Davies in 2009, the latter had rebooted and revived the series in 2005 after a 16-year absence from the small screen.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, he said “I just take it a year at a time. I think the feeling of it being done for you is quite unambiguous when it suddenly arrives.”

There is also speculation on the future of actor Matt Smith who plays the ever-younger timelord. He has gone on record as stating he doesn’t want to do the show for the foreseeable future noting in newspaper The Mirror,

“I couldn’t do this for seven years. I’d be run into the ground. I don’t think you can sustain it.”

The BBC released a statement saying they hadn’t a clue what was going on either, but Matt will still be there at Christmas.

I wonder what the hours are like recording Doctor Who then? No wonder Noele Gordon looked knackered by 1981 having done two and a half hours of soap opera for practically every week for seventeen years, now darlings that is hard work. I guess Smith won’t be joining Coronation Street, all those hours on set…

Speaking of soap opera…

Hollyoaks revisit testicular cancer

If you do something successfully once, why not do it again. The first time round it was actor Stuart Manning as Russ Owen who raised awareness with a testicular cancer plot. Now its reported that character Tony Hutchinson, played by Nick Pickard, is to face the same diagnosis. Poor Tony, he doesn’t have much luck does he?

Then again it could be worse, he could be in Neighbours.

I wonder if Ken Barlow fancies having Michelle Connor as his neighbour again…

Rovers Returning

Kym Marsh as Michelle Connor in CorrieIts been mooted since early February that singer-turned-actress-turned-nice-hair-turned-Corrie-star Kym Marsh would be taking over from Cindy ‘Emmerdale accent’ Beale as Rovers Return landlady.

Last week the Weatherfield Boozer burned to the ground leaving Cindy worse for wear. It’s karma for having ex-hubby Ian Beale shot I’d say.

Anyway dears it seems Coronation Street bosses may be putting Kym as Michelle at the heart of the action. Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star tabloid the 36-year-old said: “I have just signed for another year so I’m not going anywhere.

“I have such an amazing time. We have such a laugh. We are such a welcoming cast – I remember when I joined. It sounds a cliché but we really are one big happy family.”

An ITV Granada insider told the paper that bosses have been discussing whether Michelle Connor should be the next landlady of the boozer. As long as it isn’t left to her by Fred Elliot in a lost will it’ll be fine. I say fine, fine I say.

It wasn’t just the Rovers Return that came to an end of an era this week…

Goodbye Television Centre

philip_schofiledBBC Four on Friday paid tribute to the iconic BBC Television Centre. While it may look just like another 1950s awful office block, it has become a national treasure thanks to the thousands of hours of television produced at the complex since 1960.

It was lovely that the beeb would air such a night of memories and celebration and indeed criticism. There are not many broadcasters would allow a whole 90 minute programme full of celebrities saying what a terrible mistake it was to be shutting down the telly factory.

Penelope Keith said entertainment and comedy were orphans as they had no shiny new studios to go to, Danny Baker was far from impressed the complex was to be a hotel and shopping centre and Noel Edmonds felt uneasy.

It may have just been because he was sitting next to Phillip Schofield and wasn’t sure if he was going to be thrust a piece of paper with list of accusations in his face, possibly about unhappy Swap Shoppers with bust Space Hoppers.

Seems accusations have been flying over a girl group too…

Girls Aloud Clash over spilt

Cheryl Cole, X FactorWe’re not talking split ends, cos our Chezza uses that fancy hair stuff as she’s worth it. No this is a battle of the singers.

According to the Daily Star, Cheryl Cole and Nadine Coyle have clashed over the girl group ending after a decade together.

The five piece told their loyal, fans last week on Twitter last week that all good things come to an end. The paper reports that the announcement had ‘left fans devastated with the news’

Nadine and Kimberly Walsh apparently want to continue with Girls Aloud while Cheryl, Nicola Roberts and Sarah Harding have had enough.

“It was ¬really dramatic and there were a lot of tears. Nadine and Cheryl were both fighting their corner and nobody was prepared to budge… Nadine was bitching behind Cheryl’s back saying she was trying to control everything and ruining their futures in the music business.” An insider told The Daily Star.

Girls Aloud made their disbanding announcement after the final gig of their reunion tour last Wednesday. The tour itself also, is according to the ‘source’, a reason to bitch.

“She [Nadine] was also complaining that she didn’t get paid enough for the tour and should have got at least double the money for doing all the lead vocals night after night.

“But Cheryl thinks it’s nonsense. They only ever agreed to get back together for an anniversary tour and then leave it at that.”

Ah these reunions never work do they…

Saturday Night TakeawayPJ and Duncan, the comeback

It’s like they’d never been away, probably because they haven’t. Ant and Dec last night donned their old alter egos to perform their 90s hit Let’s Get Ready To Rumble on Saturday Night House Party.

The good news is this duo are unlikely to do a Cheryl and Nadine as they go from success to success, Let’s Get Ready To Rumble in has peaked at number 8 in the iTunes chart. It originally reached number 9 in the UK singles chart in 1994.

This is no reason for Noel Edmonds to re-release Mr Blobby the single, thank you.

[Reported by Vivian Summers]

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