EastEnders: Stacey and JeanEastEnders actress Gillian Wright says she’d love former co-star Lacey Turner to reprise her role in the hit BBC One soap.

In the series Turner played Stacey, daughter of Wright’s character Jean Slater.

Inside Soap report the 53-year-old actress would ‘love’ the characters to be united on-screen.

I’d love for Jean to be reunited with her daughter Stacey and her granddaughter Lily, even if it were just for one day. Lacey and I are still in touch, and as actresses we have a very special relationship. – Gillian Wright

Wright believes the characters have unfinished business following Turner’s departure from the soap two and a half years ago.

It all ended very suddenly with Stacey’s hasty exit, so I think there’s a lot more to be explored between her and Jean.- Wright adds.

The character of Stacey was written out following her murdering evil Archie Mitchell, after he raped her in the laundrette. Originally Peggy Mitchell (actress Barbara Windsor) was to have been the murderer, however it was changed when the actress quit – leaving little time for an ‘aftermath’ to the plot. Turner’s character instead took on the role of murderer before also quitting the soap in 2010.

Lacey Turner since leaving EastEnders has appeared in a number of productions including ITV2’s witch drama Switch.

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