Linda Blair in The ExorcistA television adaption of horror flick The Exorcist is being mooted to US television networks reports suggest.

Writer Jeremy Slater and telly executive Roy Lee are named as being behind the proposal to revive the 1973 movie as a weekly television drama.

Deadline reports that a number of television broadcasters in the states are ‘interested’ in the latest venture. Proposals for a revival of the story in 2012 came to nothing.

The original movie was directed by William Friedkin who is on record as believing a weekly series format for The Exorcist wouldn’t work. The 77-year-old said it would be difficult to carry the format and story over so many episodes. He also noted that with so few exorcisms recorded by the Catholic church most would have to be made up over a long running serial.

The original movie was based upon a real case of exorcism in 1949 as noted in the 1971 book by William Peter Blatty which the film shares the same name.

The real life events note a young boy from Cottage City, Maryland, underwent an exorcism by Father Walter Halloran. The boys Catholic family were convinced the child’s aggressive behavior was down to a demonic possession of his body.

In the movie Linda Blair plays a friendly, loving and sweet twelve-year-old girl who starts to display strange and aggressive behaviors after playing with a Ouija board, which are later revealed as early symptoms of demonic possession.

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