Sky Living 2013As part of this week’s edition of Sky Living’s Drama Matters former Coronation Street actresses Katherine Kelly and Anne Reid star in The Last Witch.

The production is a contemporary supernatural tale of two feuding sisters from award-winning writer Sally Wainwright.

Some 500 years ago in Halifax, West Yorkshire, Alice Lister (Katherine Kelly) was cursed by her sister Jane, whom she murdered, and doomed to walk the earth forever. She can’t die, she doesn’t age and she must kill any man who falls in love with her. When the kindly Miranda (Anne Reid) and her lodger Daniel (Gregg Chillin) take pity on the homeless Alice, little do they know how much impact her presence is going to have on their lives.

When the spirit of Jane Lister is accidentally disturbed at their former home, Shibden Hall, her reunion with Alice has vengeful and deadly consequences. Newly energised by her exposure to the modern world, Jane sets out to take their home town by storm, driving her sister to new levels of torment and engulfing innocent locals along the way.

James Thornton best known in recent times as John Barton in Emmerdale also stars.

Drama Matters: The Last Witch this Thursday, October 10th, at 9pm on Sky Living and Sky Living HD

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