Generic Film / Movie StillNetwork Distributing has announced the release of the eighth volume of The Ealing Studios Rarities Collection.

Featuring 4 films from the vaults of Ealing Studios and Associated Talking Pictures, this double-disc set is available to own from November 4th.

Presented as new transfers in their original aspect ratios, The Ealing Studios Rarities Collection Volume 8 is an essential addition to anyone interested in classic British films as well as those interested in re-discovering long-forgotten gems from one of the UK’s most iconic production houses.

The Feminine Touch (1956) Directed by Pat Jackson, written by Iain McCormick from a novel by Sheila Mackay Russell

One of the last films to be made at Ealing Studios, this engaging feature follows the progress of five trainee nurses as they begin their careers in the National Health Service. The young women are of different backgrounds and characters, and experience a range of challenging situations under the watchful eye of Matron – played to perfection by Diana Wynyard.

Starring George Baker, Belinda Lee, Delphi Lawrence, Mandy Miller and Diana Wynyard

Young Man’s Fancy (1939) Directed by Robert Stevenson, written by Roland Pertwee

Those were the days! When a music hall was a hall of music, whose saccharine and plaintive numbers made everyone weep – from duke to dustman. Talking of dukes, one of those who went perhaps to weep but remained to dance was his Grace of Beaumont, an amiable nobleman; not perhaps very talented but full of that bonhomie that did much to endear him to frequenters of the music hall but not at all to Her Grace the Duchess!

Starring Griffith Jones, Anna Lee, Seymour Hicks, Billy Bennett, Edward Rigby and Martita Hunt

There Ain’t No Justice (1939) Directed by Penrose Tennyson, written by James Curtis and Sergei Nolbandov from the novel by James Curtis

Jimmy Hanley stars as Tommy Mutch, a young garage mechanic and up-and-coming boxer whose family is struggling to make ends meet. Tommy is thrilled when promoter Sammy Sanders promises to arrange a series of main-event bouts – and still more so when he wins every match. But is Tommy’s mentor all that he claims to be?

Starring Jimmy Hanley, Phyllis Stanley, Edward Chapman, Mary Clare and Michael Wilding

The Silent Passenger (1935) Directed by Reginald Denham, written by Basil Mason based on the novel by Dorothy L. Sayers

When a blackmailer is murdered, his body is placed in a trunk belonging to John Ryder, a passenger making a cross-Channel train journey. With Ryder the chief suspect, fellow traveller and amateur detective Lord Peter Wimsey sets out to prove the innocence of his new acquaintance, and unmask the real killer…

Starring John Loder, Peter Haddon, Mary Newland, Austin Trevor, Donald Wolfit, Aubrey Mather, Leslie Perrins and Robb Wilton

The Ealing Studios Rarities Collection Volume 8 runs for 310 minutes (Approx) over two discs with a RRP of £14.99. The release is part of Network’s The British Film Collection.

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