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BBC Three is to air a four part series, The Unit, looking at life at one of the UK’s biggest Pupil Referral Units dealing with pupils with behavioural problems.

The Bridge AP Academy in West London is one of the UK’s biggest Pupil Referral Units, taking in pupils who’ve been permanently excluded or moved from schools from across West London. For many, this is a chance to get their lives back on track. If they can still get an education, they have a future – but it’s not always easy. Facing extremely challenging behaviour is all in a day’s work for teachers, mentors and therapists at The Bridge, but as they start to get under the skins of the young people, we discover that some of the behavioural problems mask deeply traumatic personal experiences.

The beeb describe the hour long episodes as an “engaging, powerful and provocative series” which asks some big questions about whether these young people have failed or been failed by the system, and as the BBC follow them over a make-or-break year, the documentary discover whether The Bridge can really help turn their lives around. The Unit will air on BBC Three later in 2014.

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