Welcome to September, and our quick look through the world of soap opera…

Lets start with some good news for Coronation Street…

Corrie Wins Best Soap Award

..but only in TV Quick, so hardly a BAFTA is it? Still nice to see the old show winning something. And we think rightly so that Sue Cleaver has been  rewarded for her wonderful role as Elieen Grimshaw. She’s fab don’t you think?

The show also won best storyline for the panto plot that was Charlie being killed by Tracey. And best newcomer to soap was well deserved for Kim Ryder, who has over taken her hubby as a soap superstar.

More on the other TV Quick awards can be found on our sister site, NewsZone. (link at the top of the site)

Bruce Jones ‘Left’ and wasn’t Axed!

Well if you believe Jones that is. The ex-Coronation Street actor has suggested he wasn’t pushed, and left of a mutual agreement with Granada top brass.

The 54-year-old had played ironically the loud mouth Les Battersby for a decade, said that rumours claiming he made “inappropriate comments” about other actors on the Manchester based soap had made it impossible for him to return to work.

He was suspended earlier in the year following what had become the latest in a number of high profile incidents concerning the star, and his contract was not renewed in May. Jones has also said in a tabloid that the stress of working on the soap had pushed him to almost a nervous breakdown. I hate to think what effect it must have had on those who have been in it from the start then!

He told The Mirror: “I wanted to create a believable working class character and I did” Personally I’m still waiting to see that character, cos Les was a cartoon and rather unbelievable blown up version of ‘council estate low life.’ which a lot of decent council estates have to put up with.

It is unknown whether the character will be written out of the series with a storyline, currently ‘Les’ is touring with a tribute band.


In what sounds like another bored editor making up a story, its been reported last week that former gameshow host Jim Bowen is to be given a part in Coronation Street.

The stand up comic who became a household name thanks to Central Television’s darts gameshow Bullseye (1981 to 1993) has made cameos in other dramas such as Johnathan Creek.

Now although we may scoff, Corrie has in the past few years brought in other comics to the cobbles with great effect. Roy Hudd proved popular with viewers and has made several short term appearances.

Time For A Rest…

Julie Hesmondhalgh has requested a one-year break from Coronation Street. The actress who plays Haliey Cropper is planning to spend more time with her husband, Ian Kershaw, and six-year-old daughter Martha.

Shock At The Axe

Well we didn’t think he’d be doing the conga round the Queen Vic at the news of his axing from Albert Square and  Matt Di Angelo, the actor who plays Deano Wicks in the soap has said he was quite shocked at being dropped from EastEnders.

Di Angelo has proved popular with female fans of the BBC soap, and his axing has nothing to do with the character he plays. Unfortunately as SoapZone reported last month, Phil Daniels, who plays his dad Kevin has decided to quit after two years – and so the family are packing up too.

Di Angelo said of his demise: “It was a shock. If I could choose my exit storyline, I’d like us all to die in a car crash. That would be a something dramatic and memorable.

“I’ve never been in a show for so long and 12-hour days can be tiring. But I’ve had a really good time and I’ve learnt a lot.” He told Now Magazine.

Despite critics knocking his ‘dodgy’ acting when he first arrived in EastEnders, Di Angelo has proved a firm favourite in recent months, the entire family will no doubt be missed by fans of the soap. Although it will end the issue of where do they all sleep in Pat’s three bedroom house?

What A Gay Day

Straight actor James Sutton – Gay John Paul in Hollyoaks – is to serve as a judge at this year’s Mr Gay UK contest. Which is nice for his legion of homosexual fans isn’t it?

He’s also apparently slagged off EastEnders in Inside Soap Magazine. Boot and too big for spring to mind Mr Sutton. Only knock a soap that gets three times the ratings of your own show, when your own show is as good as the one you’re knocking. Dollyoaks has a long way to go before its worthy of acclaim. Ditching the over use of music and gimmicks would be a start.

ITV Boss For Cobble Role

Well sort of, she won’t be the next Bet Lynch, but Soon-to-be ITV Director of Global Content Dawn Airey has apparently been given a cameo part in the show. Airey – a huge fan of the Weatherfield soap opera – will appear as a non-speaking customer in the Frescos supermarket.

Lets face it, she might act better than some of the current younger cast. Naming no names, *coughs* Cotton *cough*

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