All My ChildrenSusan Lucci has said she’s “very sad, very disappointed” at the cancellation of All My Children by ABC.

Lucci has played diva Erica Kane on the ABC daytime soap since its launch in 1970 and is the only original cast member remaining on the serial. The soap along with One Life to Live (the two soaps were both created by Agnes Nixon) has be cancelled by ABC because of low ratings and will come off air in September. ABC plans to replace both daytime serials with “live style” shows instead. While promoting her memoir, All My Life: A Memoir, actress Susan Lucci briefly discussed the soap’s cancellation.

“I’m very sad, very disappointed. It’s been a sad time, but as I said at the end of my Emmy speech, I’m going back to that studio and playing Erica Kane for all she’s worth…..The best thing is for the fans to keep watching, because we’re going to be on the air until September”

Fans of the two soaps have launched a campaign to save them and are hoping another broadcaster will step in and acquire them. Creator Agnes Nixon has also pledged to do everything possible to keep both soaps alive. Fans hopes that Oprah Winfrey would step in and save either/both soap were dashed when she posted a video message stating she couldn’t and wouldn’t save them.

There are rumours that NBC are interested in picking up one of the soaps but at the moment they’re just rumours and given in recent years NBC has culled its own soaps down to just one (Days of our Lives) it does seem unlikely they’d now pick up another. However, it hasn’t all been bad news for the campaign as it was given a major boost by Hoovers decision to pull its ads from ABC is response to the cancellation of All My Children and One Life to Live.

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